Color Monday: Beach Wedding

Mar 4 2013

Happy Color Monday!

This time of year, vacations are in full swing. Many people will choose to have a wedding in paradise! Well,what colors do you use for such an occasion? Let’s let these beautiful beach brides inspire our color choices. They’re all pictured with the ocean, so let’s try using a blue for the background of our wedding invitations!





Daisy Companion Wedding Invitation features whimsical little flowers that are a nice departure from the hibiscus flowers usually associated with the tropics. And the punch of her bright red nail polish is just so fun. What a nice way to have a touch of color on your wedding day. The whole invitation is grounded with the palest of blues. It allows the flowers to pop and frames the photo in a nice calm way. The contrast between the red and pale blue makes for a dramatic and exciting combination.






The colors of the sky and ocean are absolutely inspiring! The beauty of the Watercolor Ombre Wedding Invitation design is found in the subtle gradation from light blue to turquoise to the pale green. These light tints of color are very popular right now. They would also be fun to play with in bridesmaid dresses–each having a slightly different tone for that ombre effect up at the altar. Almost any pale blue-green would match so that would be easy to coordinate with a destination wedding!






Sunset Silhouette Wedding Invitation starts with some very bold colors. But using the sweet blue background transforms the design. The slight contrast between the blue and the strong white is very similar to her gorgeous wedding dress. White acts like a color and simply pops off the page. Having an outdoor ceremony is an easy way to use white as color too. True bright white isn’t found many places outdoors, so your color scheme can rely on the bright white to pop off of the colors of the beach.

Pretty blue backgrounds work for all three of these invitations. They translate the beach vibe without becoming too thematic. Actually, only the last one is a part of our Destination Wedding Invitation Collection. It is amazing how just switching a few colors can create the look you want!

Try switching the background color… you may just love it!



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2 thoughts on “Color Monday: Beach Wedding

  1. Wow, love that second one — Sky, Turquoise, and Celadon. Just the names themselves remind me of lounging on a hammock while listening to the sounds of waves crashing on shore. Very relaxing and romantic. Looks great on the ombre design!

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