Color Monday: Blush Pink Weddings

Submitted by lneumann on Monday - March 25, 2013

For today's Color Monday we're featuring blush pink. Many brides are not only opting for this subtle, sweet shade to accent their wedding--but blush pink wedding gowns are becoming increasingly popular as well! And no wonder, the blush pinks create an ambiance of romance and intimacy--perfect for weddings. Today we'll personalize a few wedding invitations with blush pink to see how they turn out!


blush pink wedding


A soft and romantic vibe is coming through loud and clear on the personalized Platinum Brocade Wedding Invitation design. When we combine a creamy blush pink {in this case teaberry} with ivory ... the look becomes dreamy and delicate: classic.





Damask Dream Wedding Invitation design gives off a modern and trendy look when personalized in soft carnation pink. Set off nicely with a strong black element is what gives this design its contemporary feel. Accenting black with a delicate hue is a great way to have a soft shade with a bold wedding.





Classic Lace Wedding Invitation, personalized in teaberry, creates just the right amount of vintage charm. Combining charcoal gray with blush pink is a classic combo and a lovely option for accenting accent your vintage wedding. The subdued tones in this duo offer a look of dried flowers--low key and charming!

Try out blush pink and let me know how it goes!
Don't you just love it?



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