Color Monday: Cinco de Mayo

May 6 2013

Cheers! Happy post Cinco de Mayo. If you didn’t treat yourself to any of the festivities yesterday, let today’s Color Monday be a refreshing reminder. Let’s personalize three wedding invitations in the spirited colors from the culture and holiday.



Citrus Cool

Personalizing the Classic Lace Wedding Invitation design in a bold lime green is a fun, lively and trendy combo. The lace design relates really well to  Mexican paper banners–often created in bright bold colors.


spring color palette


Chips and Salsa anyone?

Personalizing the Square Motif Wedding Invitation design in warm tones inspired by chips and salsa is a surprisingly beautiful combination. The carrot & marigold change makes the pumpkin orange look almost like earthen terracotta! The square elements convey the feel of Mexican tiles in a very subtle and beautiful way.




Hot Chili Peppers

Turning up the heat on the Adorning Damask Wedding Invitation design makes a truly bold statement. Chili pepper red–scarlet in this case–simply pops with the white damask pattern. It’s a unique combination for this invitation design. {On a side note, you can create a similar effect using this combo on Damask Dream Wedding Invitaiton design.}


If these aren’t enough Mexican treats for you, try out this Personalized Wedding Invitation, Jamaica. Or there is always the Mexican Tiles Wedding Invitation if you’re looking for a thematic look with your wedding stationery. Have fun personalizing! All of this food has made me hungry again, I’m off to get more salsa.


Which Mexican-inspired color did you like best?



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One thought on “Color Monday: Cinco de Mayo

  1. LOVE how you turned these invites into gorgeous bright colors!

    It’s amazing how different the invitations look simply by changing the colors.

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