Color Monday: Downton Abbey Wedding Style

Jan 6 2014

Downton Abbey Wedding Style

Enjoy today’s Color Monday–an elegant tribute to a Downton Abbey wedding and a very stylish era that was the 1920’s. The rich color scheme is a proud testimony to the bold and vivacious attitude of the age. One iconic motif we didn’t elaborate too much on in this post, was Peacock feathers. For this inspiration, we took the liberty of personalizing Peacocks and Paisley–a Pocket Wedding Invitation design that celebrates this motif in a unique and ornate way. A versatile design, Peacocks and Paisley is ideal for an Art Deco wedding style but can be personalized in any color scheme. {See the original color scheme and entire Design Suite.}

Colors: Black | Gold | Brick Red

Downton Abbey wedding inspiration

Suite Details
Peacocks and Paisley is the Vertical Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation personalized in this festive board of black, gold and brick red. With its Art Deco look and feel, Peacocks and Paisley is a great design choice for those wanting to set a vintage tone of elegance and sophistication.

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1920's wedding color palette

For permission to use their lovely photography, much thanks to …

Photography by Joseph Matthew {via Strictly Weddings}


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