Color Monday: Earth Day

Apr 22 2013

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of celebrating environmental stewardship and “restoring the canopy” today’s Color Monday features wedding invitations with trees as the main design element! Although originally designed for those gorgeous fall colors, let’s see how they look for the spring and summer seasons.


pink wedding invitation


Taking the strong fall colors out of Tender Tree Wedding Invitation design softens the look and gives it a more romantic feel. The delicate use of Teaberry Pink relates really well to the flowering cherry trees! What a pretty wedding this would be with all the pretty pink backgrounds. Additionally, putting the tree element in an unusual color like pink, gives this design a unique and modern touch.


tree wedding invitations


Relating to the heat of the summer, Sitting in a Tree Wedding Invitation design is almost majestic in the greens. The wood grain of this design is very popular right now too. Going with a lighter color is a nice twist to what is a traditionally brown texture. Tip: you can put this texture into any color – try using silver to create a whitewashed, beach effect.


tree wedding invitation design


Finally, a lovely grove a birch trees would be a wonderful place to be married.  Love in the Woods Wedding Invitation sets the stage right away … Why not express your love for each other under the canopy of leaves? Cuing your guests into the location is an interesting take on your wedding invitations. And you don’t just have to wait for fall either!

Don’t be afraid to try out new colors on any Wedding Invitation design. You might be surprised and delighted by all the looks you can create.

Play around with color and let me know how it goes!

note: MagnetStreet’s invitations are printed on textured, linen paper–which is FSC {Forest Stewardship Council} Certified.



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3 thoughts on “Color Monday: Earth Day

  1. Love that last color palette with the birch tree design! Very calming and refreshing. Sort of reminds me of key lime pie 🙂

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