Color Monday: Fall in love with Orange

Aug 6 2012

At this time of year, thoughts turn to the fall season. But fall weddings can be tricky, the weather is so unpredictable! Will it be more like late summer and hot, or more like fall cool and crisp … Don’t worry! There are tons of trendy oranges that can come to your rescue. Just feast your eyes on these delicious hues.

Gorgeous! Now it’s time to personalize some wedding stationery to try these out. Remember – the only thing changing here is the color!


Coral is just the prettiest color to me right now. I can’t seem to turn away from it! It works really nicely in these Pristine Beauty Save the Dates creating a warm cozy feeling, perfect for a fall wedding. With the soft floral it isn’t overwhelming but reminds me of the pretty fall mums we’ll be seeing soon.

Who can enjoy fall without pine cones? While these are called Evergreen Christmas Wedding Invitations they can work for fall weddings with just a color switch. To make this happen, I’ve used a sunset orange to make them just a little softer. Combined with pumpkin it is soft and warm and perfect for a fall wedding.


Leaves are the perfect icon for fall weddings. Here they are reminiscent of the fall foliage as the season progresses. How fun to have beauty of nature permanently in your wedding invitations!? The soft colors of Twirling Maple Wedding Invitations work perfectly to create a pretty and soft tone for your wedding.


If you’re looking for even more fall wedding invitations or save the dates,
feel free to explore our fall collections! 
Fall Save the Dates
   Fall Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a fall wedding? Are you inspired to use orange? Tell me about it!


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3 thoughts on “Color Monday: Fall in love with Orange

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  3. Ohh I really like the Twirling Maple one! The leaves look great in that color scheme. Sunset, latte, champagne….sounds like a delicious palette! 🙂

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