Color Monday: Geometric Appeal

Jul 30 2012

For all you graphic geometric pattern lovers out there, we’ve got a great design for you! Geometric Appeal Save the Dates are here for your visual delight!

For the rest of us that are thinking “what is a geometric?” let’s start with a definition.



A Geometric Pattern is a motif, pattern, or design depicting abstract, nonrepresentational shapes such as lines, circles, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, and polygons.

This is becoming a trend in fashion and weddings. It’s contemporary with a little retro throw back, perfect for a modern wedding. But for those of us not super familiar with this trend, it sounds limiting. Not so with our design & personalization options! You can create whatever look you want just by changing the colors. See for yourself!


Pushing the geometric pattern to an extreme bold graphic look.

Geometric with a southwest flair.

A soft Geometric done in pastel colors. Surprising that a straight line design can be so soft.

Featuring one color (in this case red) with a geometric. Very refined.

Deep reds and oranges in a geometric pattern create depth and evokes fall and winery weddings.

A super happy color combination that is bright but combined in the geometric with neutrals.

What geometric fun! All of these designs are exactly the same except for the color. Create the look you’re craving with personalization.

Do you love the geometric trends you’re seeing?


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4 thoughts on “Color Monday: Geometric Appeal

  1. Love the pink, orange, black, and white color palette! Girly meets glamour….what a fun color combo for that geometric design. 🙂

  2. Hi Dennice,

    While we don’t have an invite to match Geometric Appeal right now–we can create one for you if you’d like: Please contact us to discuss this with one of our Customer Care Reps.

    I’d love to see the final design too–feel free to come back & share!


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