Color Monday: Gray & Yellow Weddings

Jan 23 2012

On this Color Monday, we’re being inspired by all the gray and yellow we’ve been seeing. Oh so beautiful, sophisticated and clean, this color combination is perfect for the modern bride!

So now we’re off to personalizing wedding invitations in these fashionable hues. Anything but boring, these wedding invitations are enlivened with gray and yellow.


The freshness of yellow gives these designs a punch of energy. A color like yellow is hard to ignore! Representing the sun, yellow bursts with life and happiness. It pops off the page and demands your attention!

On the other side of the coin, gray tempers yellow’s enthusiasm. Gray is the a soft touch on yellow’s arm–and reminds us that this is a formal affair, no matter how much fun we’re going to have. It adds that touch of decorum without stifling the energy of yellow.


In combination, the two colors are a wonderful message to your guests that your wedding will be fun and fresh. Gray and yellow are so pretty together–that they make the perfect couple to include at your wedding.


Would you like more Gray & Yellow? Check out this zesty and fun Lemon Drop Inspiration Board!


If you really want to be surprised, check out what these invitations originally looked like. Not only can you use gray & yellow, but you can choose ANY color combination for your wedding invitation!

East Coast Breeze Square Invitation
Floral Ornament Square Invitation
Paris Appeal Tea-length Invitation
Romantic Ruche Tea-length Invitation


What do you think about Gray & Yellow weddings? Refreshing? Boring? Lovely? Fun?



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2 thoughts on “Color Monday: Gray & Yellow Weddings

  1. Not sure how I missed this earlier–but I’m glad to find this post 🙂 Yellow and Gray (and Black!) are my favorite colors! 🙂 I get so happy when I see brides incorporate these colors to their wedding 🙂

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