Color Monday: Meanings of Colors

Oct 17 2011

Hello–welcome to Color Monday! The day devoted to the transforming power of color. Did you ever wonder why a certain color makes you feel a certain way? The emotional impact that color has on us is undeniable and so, so interesting! While intuitive to a great degree, knowing the meanings of colors is helpful in choosing your wedding colors and trying to create a certain mood for your event.

Using Alluring Affection, Save the Date Magnet–and a word cloud to describe each color family, you get a general picture of what that color communicates and how to use it in your wedding stationery.

What’s your favorite color?

yellow save the date magnet

black save the date magnet

green save the date magnet

blue save the date magnet

pink save the date magnet

brown save the date magnet

orange save the date magnet

purple save the date magnet

red save the date magnet


Color Wheel Pro


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