Color Monday: Pretty Packaging!

Pretty packaging--I fall for it every time! It's not unusual for the patterned papers, the neat folds and the creative tying of bows to keep me more intrigued than the contents of the package. You too? But even if you and I don't necessarily have the fine motor skills {or patience!} to make that perfect bow, we can still appreciate pretty packaging for the inspiration it provides for pondering wedding stationery colors.  

So, with presents of mind, we bring you today's Color Monday. We've personalized Romantic Ruche Wedding Program & Favor Tag in three different ways using pretty packaging as our inspiration! Enjoy.


Eggplant & Classic Gray

Gray {or metallic silver} is a timeless neutral color that grounds the palette with a sleek and modern feel. Combining with a majestic purple like eggplant lends a regal touch--perfect for a winter wedding.

Gold & Charcoal

A natural combination: gold and charcoal. This time, the overall feel is warm and inviting. Classy yet charming, there's something very comfortable about this palette.

Orange Red & Classic Gray

Vibrant, high energy and full of good cheer--just like the holidays. Here, classic gray makes a wonderful backdrop for this spicy and adventurous color of red.

By the way, Wednesday we'll be starting our 12 Days of Giveaways! Be sure to come back--you can enter every day until you win!

Happy Color Monday!

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