Color Monday: Tangerine and Lime

Jun 18 2012

Happy Color Monday!

Want to set a bold and refreshing tone for your spring, summer, or fall wedding? Consider tangerine and lime. This juicy combo is citrus-y, vibrant, energetic and definitely fun! And being nearly opposites on the color wheel–these contrasting colors complement each other so very, very well. {Learn more about color theory here.}

If you’re considering a bold duo like tangerine and lime–just be careful that they don’t compete with one another. Allow one to be the major player and the other to provide the complement. Check out our featured invites below and you’ll see what I mean.

Which combo{s} would you like to see featured on Color Monday?

“Poppy Dots” Wedding Invitations



“Bold Whispers” Wedding Invitations




“Fresh Monogram” Wedding Invitations


SHOP Wedding Invitations: by color:

orange and green


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3 thoughts on “Color Monday: Tangerine and Lime

  1. Tangerine and lime….sounds delicious!  I love the poppy design with this color scheme…super cute 🙂

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