Color Monday: Turquoise & Red

Feb 6 2012

It’s Color Monday! We love this weekly feature on Truly Engaging–because it’s when our graphic designer, Lindsay, illustrates the tremendous power of color on any design at MagnetStreet Weddings. Last week, you asked for Turquoise & Red designs… so today, we’re delivering!

To start off, we’ve personalized 2 Save the Date Magnets with the dynamic combination of Turquoise & Red! Such a bold color combo will add energy and vibrancy to your wedding look. This combo lends itself to graphic looks and dramatic designs.


In the wedding invitations below, we’re carrying the turquoise and red and using white to balance out the boldness of the design. Bold, vibrant, energetic … these invites have a sense of refinement but aren’t overwhelming in the least.






I hope you love turquoise and red even more now! Try it out yourself in Design Studio, any design could have the exact color combination you’re dreaming of.

Find more inspiration on personalizing with color, check out this post using color to transform your design. If you’re loving the turquoise, check out this post and see it with another one of 2012’s hottest colors … Coral!


What other specific color combos would you like to see?
Be warned, you might just get what you ask for!




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