Color Monday: Valentine’s Day

Feb 11 2013

Valentine’s Day is upon us and who can resist the iconic reds and pinks of this day to symbolize love? Just for fun, we’re going to personalize a few of our “loveliest” Save the Date designs in very different tones. It’s amazing how much the designs change when you adjust the colors!


Bold Type Save the Date personalized in pastels


Starting out … Bold Type Save the Date Magnet is already representative of Valentine’s Day with its vibrant red and classic “+” sign. The silver and red together offer a sleek and modern look. Love it! By adding the pastel hues from the Sweetheart candies, we’ve completely transformed the design–going from bold and contemporary to a look that’s soft and romantic. Perfect for a spring wedding!





We went from bold to soft … now, can we make a soft design bold? Of course! That’s the power of color. Gettin’ Stitched Save the Date design is certainly soft in pinks, but absolutely dramatic in the deep browns. Perfect for the coffee lovers! Using cocoa brown for the heart element is a surprise that works rather well. In this design, the heart looks red because it’s paired with colors that are even more neutral. Play with colors–you’ll be surprised at the outcomes you’ll get!






Our last Save the Date is based on a great quote: He Stole My Heart. It‘s a precious sentiment. It’s fun to play around with this design–and  to put the heart in a soft Champagne tan instead of a warm pink. Almost any colors would be fun to try in this design.


What would your colors look like in this Save the Date Magnet?
Want to see any design in YOUR colors? Order a Just OneTM Save the Date Magnet
How cute would one of these designs be on your fridge?! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2 thoughts on “Color Monday: Valentine’s Day

  1. Lindsay you are a class apart! I love the way you adapt your templates and the color tones used. All classy, all memorable and all ultimately stylish! Can’t wait to feature you ladies on the blog so more people get to see your talents.

    Big love

  2. Ohh, I can almost taste the frosting on that Carnation and Champagne color combo! Love it. Romantic, sweet, playful, modern…all at the same time.

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