Color Monday: Wine Wedding

Sep 17 2012

A vineyard wedding or a wine-themed wedding can be a wonderfully elegant way to get married. Somehow I think vineyard weddings go perfectly in the fall, but even if your venue isn’t a vineyard you can add the class and elegance to your own wedding with a wine or burgundy color.

Creating an ultra formal wedding is easy with this deep wine color. The color exudes a rich and sophisticated air. It was easy to find a formal invitation like “Classic Allure” and personalize it with wine and burgundy. This monochromatic color scheme works perfectly together.




Lightening up with Enchanted Encounter Wedding Invitations leads us to a pretty, but not so stuffy affair. I imagine an outdoor wedding with lots of green leaves and wine flowing freely. Paired with charcoal and large amounts of white to base it on, wine appears more like a pink than a deep bold hue. I love it paired with the bright green! hmmm …



Perfect for fall weddings, wine and pumpkin (or a tint of pumpkin in this case) combine to evoke a warm ambiance. These rich hues are a bold choice that will not be soon forgotten. Elegant Espresso Wedding Invitations hold up nicely with a subtle background texture adding in even more warmth to the mix. I can almost hear the violins playing.



What nice combinations wine can create! If that wasn’t enough for you today, we have even more specific wine or vineyard wedding links for you here. Enjoy!

Wine Save the Dates

Wine Wedding Invitations

Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

What do you think of vineyard weddings? What do you think of wine as a wedding color?




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