Country Engagement Session

Sweet simplicity--that's how I would describe Abi & Darrell's engagement session. What more do you need than a couple in love and lovely surroundings? Oh, and a super-talented photographer to capture the details! Surrounded by the beauty of the countryside, Abi & Darrell's country e-session was shot on the grounds of the 1800's Donegal Presbyterian Church, by North Carolina's Crystal Genes of Crystal Genes Photography. With a few words from Abi ...

"I found the church grounds one day when I took a wrong turn going to my ceremony site ... I liked this location because it was beautiful and private.  Darrell is pretty shy so I knew we needed some place out of the way where there wouldn't be strangers watching.  Also the small, one room church in our first look pictures were also on their grounds.  We do not attend this church, but I wrote a note to the church asking for permission to use the grounds and they kindly extended it to us and wished us luck.


country style engagement session

Thank you Abi & Darrel for sharing your e-session with us! Be sure to come back tomorrow when we feature Abi & Darrell's wedding photos--a beautiful & vintage-chic outdoor celebration that includes: a handmade wedding arbor and a pet chicken!

Stay tuned ...

Pennsylvania farm wedding

Colors: Plum--with touches of pink, green, brown & gold.


Digging the black and white photos!! ?

I love how the photos feel effortless, natural, and seem to capture both the beauty of the surroundings and the love this couple has for each other. Nice post!

she's going to make a very lovely bride . . .

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