Inspiration: Create Your Own Save the Date

Submitted by Sarah on Friday - February 19, 2016

Create Your Own Save the Date & Upload. We Print!

We have thousands of fantastic Save the Dates to choose from... but maybe ... just maybe we don't have quite the one that fits your wedding style. It's okay—we understand completely! That's why we offer a way for you to easily create your own save the date design that you can upload to all types of paper and magnetic wedding products. You design and upload, we print! Maybe you're a designer, or a family friend has offered to help with design. Or you like to express your personality in a fun way. Whatever the story—we want to make sure we have the perfect solution to get you a step closer to happily ever after! We'll ensure your Save the Dates (and any other wedding stationery items) are printed to absolute perfection.

From white space to one-of-a-kind, unique Save The Dates

These fantastic couples created their own designs from scratch and uploaded onto our blank Save the Date templates. Their Save the Dates are super fun, highly personalized, and completely unique—each with a great "behind the design" story. {How fun would it be to be made into a cartoon?!} We hope you find inspiration ... happy designing!

Love & Order

Create Your Own Save the Date movie cover

"We came across the Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie cover ... the main characters in the movie are secret agents. It an ironic comparison, because both of us are sheriff deputies (law enforcement officers), as well. We found a photographer who understood our concept. He captured the images just as we envisioned ... They not only represented our creative love for each other, but also represented our love for our careers!"    - Tierra

The Draw

Create Your Own Save the Date avatars

"The artist of our design is Andrew from HJ Story. My husband and I have been long time fans of his artwork, and we used to send his drawings to each other when we dated. We sent him a few photos of ourselves, and he did a great job making us look like cartoons!"   - Jenny

Simply Science

Create Your Own Save the Date chemistry

"I'm a pharmaceutical engineer and she is a forensic tech, so science and chemistry are a big part of both our lives ... It also was part of our wedding theme (which included Erlenmeyer flask vases, chalkboard table numbers, and chemistry themed place cards), so we felt it would be a good introduction for things to come. We also used the Honeycomb Sweetness theme on your site for our invitations, which kept the mood going well!"    - Daniel

Did you know?

 72% of wedding guests find save the date magnets or cards to be the best way to remember a wedding date!

| Survey written by MagnetStreet. Conducted using Google Consumer Surveys, Dec. 2015 |