Design Your Own Wedding Invitations

Apr 4 2012

Want to design your own wedding invitations? Great. We love your passion! Let’s talk iDIY

iDIY is MagnetStreet’s contemporary twist to DIY. The strengths we love about DIY are the same strengths found in iDIY: the ability to personalize something truly unique. iDIY offers the same abilility to personalize with passion–just without the scissors, paste and expensive equipment!

5 simple steps to iDIY:

1. Choose your design
2. Click to personalize
3. Choose your colors: You can even create your own custom colors.
4. Choose your wording & select your fonts
5. Upload your photos

It’s that easy.

When you receive them:

1. Fold-Half, Tri, or Gate-fold your wedding invitations
2. Assemble- your suite items to mail to guests
3. Affix- Envelope Liners, Labels and Seals

Whether your style is classic, modern, destination or unique & offbeat, you have the ability to change the look and feel of any design. Give iDIY a try.

You do the creating, folding, assembling & affixing. We do the rest … saving you time and stress.


Learn more about redefining DIY for the modern bride.


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2 thoughts on “Design Your Own Wedding Invitations

  1. I love the idea of iDIY! I like being creative and being in control, but I don’t have the time or talents to be hands-on crafty like traditional DIY projects. 

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