Doable DIY: Wedding Cake Toppers

Doable DIY” is our new recurring blog series about easy, affordable DIY wedding ideas. We’ll be taking today’s top wedding trends and translating them into practical DIY projects. Let the creativity begin!

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

They're little. They're fun. And they're EVERYWHERE on Pinterest and Etsy. So, what are they?
Custom wedding cake toppers! But, what's a bride (and groom) to do if they are on a tight wedding budget? Luckily, you don't have to pay top dollar to top off your cake with custom cake toppers. (Say that five times fast.)

Today's edition of Doable DIY will outline three easy and budget-friendly ways to create your own DIY wedding cake toppers.


Idea #1: Wooden People/FigurinesDIY Cake Topper Figurines - Megan Wendt Photo and Design


  • Wooden peg people/figurines (unfinished)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Fine motor skills ;)

Custom wooden peg people are adorable, but not always affordable for every bride and groom on a budget. If you have a little time, patience, and fine motor skills, you could make your own figurine cake toppers for a fraction of the price.

Etsy has some DIY kits available for very reasonable prices. Alternatively, you could swing by your local craft store and pick up unfinished wooden peg people, as well as some paint and paintbrushes. (If you have a magnifying glass, that might be helpful, too.)

For more wooden peg people inspiration, check out Mac and Chandra's wedding, featured on the blog last year. Their cake topper is adorable!





DIY Cake Bunting - from Nous NousIdea #2: Miniature Bunting


  • Anchors - bamboo skewers, dowels, or striped straws
  • Rope - twine, yarn, or craft string
  • Bunting Material - fabric, patterned paper, seashells (it's up to you!)
  • Glue and scissors

If painting figurines isn't your thing, but you're handy with some scissors and string, then you could try DIY bunting for your cake toppers. The really neat thing about this option is the breadth of options available! You pick the string, the sticks, and the material. You can really create something unique--a DIY cake topper that fits your personality and wedding style.

Budget-Saving Secret: Paint Swatches!

Head to your local home improvement store and stock up on paint swatches in your wedding color scheme. Cut them out into diamonds (fold over into triangles) or whatever shape(s) you like. Voila! Easy, *free* bunting.


DIY Cake Topper Idea #3: Monograms/Lettering

LOVE Cake Topper - Megan Daas Photography


  • Unfinished wood letters or aluminum craft wire (to shape your own letters)
  • Pliers (if using wire)
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes (if using wood) OR acrylic spray paint (Krylon is a good brand)
  • Glue and scissors
  • Wood dowels or stir sticks (to stick the letters into the top of the cake)

Joann Fabrics has some nice miniature wood letters for a very budget-friendly cost of $1.99. AND, since each set includes two letters, you can practice on one--and perfect it on the other. :)

If you love the look of wire letters (especially those lovely romantic script letters), you could shape your own letters together using aluminum craft wire and pliers. (Tip: Print off a giant size letter in a typeface you like, for reference as you shape it together.)

Last But Not Least: Get Creative!

From little LEGO people to miniature symbols of your passions (ex. mini typewriter), the options available for cake toppers are wide and plenty! Get creative and brainstorm some budget-friendly items that represent who you are as a couple, or a combination of your unique passions and hobbies. Look around the house--you might already own some items that might work!

Nostalgia is fun, too: Perhaps there's a movie ticket stub from your first date, or a favorite photo from a road trip that you can put on a photo clip frame. Be creative, be inspired, be yourself!

I'd love to hear from other brides and grooms out there: Did you--or are you planning to--go the DIY route with your wedding cake toppers? Do you have any advice for those who might want to do DIY wedding cake toppers?


Happy Friday!

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings


Image Source:

Wooden figurines -  Megan Wendt Photo + Design | Cake Bunting - Nous Nous 



I have a thing for dolls and these little peg people are soooo ocute. Mac and Chandra's bride and groom topper are sweet. Very nice blog. :-)

So cute! I love DIY cake toppers and all of these DIY ideas. The miniature bunting is darling and so easy to pull off well.

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