Doable DIY: Wedding Centerpieces

Submitted by Heidi on Thursday - April 4, 2013

Doable DIY” is our new recurring blog series about easy, affordable DIY wedding ideas.

The centerpiece is the crowning jewel of the table. Here are 5 easy DIY wedding centerpiece ideas that will coordinate with the look of your wedding style + bring drama, color, and creativity to your reception tables.

1. Branded Hurricanes: Dress up your hurricanes as well as carry the look of your invitation suite by wrapping personalized Labels & Seals around the outside of your hurricanes. This idea wraps your ambiance in elegance.

simple wedding centerpieces- hurricanes


 2. Colorful tins: Vintage containers work great. From the grocery store, to the thrift store to eBay, shop colorful tins that will look great in your wedding colors. Fill them with beautiful blooms for a look that's eclectic, charming and simple.

simple wedding centerpiece idea



#3. Square glass vases: Simple yet modern and elegant, mix and match a variety of tall and short square vases. Keep the container shapes consistent while mixing and matching your blooms to coordinate with your wedding look and style.

square glass vases


#4. Glass bottles in varying shapes & sizes: One of my favorite ideas for casual or rustic wedding styles are ever-available simple glass bottles. Each bottle shape can hold a different set of blooms--perfect for bringing color, texture, aroma and personality to every table.

simple centerpiece ideas


#5 Smaller vase tucked within a larger vase: Round vases are ideal because you can easily see the inside from any angle. A pretty bouquet inside the smaller vase will look lovely as it spills over the top of the larger vase. Position your smaller vase in i.e. sand, cranberries, glass beads--whatever looks best with your wedding style. Pretty simple. Pretty interesting.

vases within vases



fruit can container, vase within a vase