Dreams of Getting Married

Feb 24 2011

Did you dream about your wedding day when you were a teenager … you know, THE day … who would be there …  how beautiful you’d look … and for sure, how handsome your groom {or bride} would be?!?

Meet Amber {15}, Emily {16} and Anna {15}~ 3 fun, smart, and beautiful teenagers that I’m lucky enough to have in my world. I thought it would be fun to ask these sweet young ladies their thoughts on this very topic. Here’s what they had to say.

Do you think about your wedding day?
Amber: Yes. I’ve created a “wedding book” with pictures of my dress, the set up of the tables and even the invitations? {Me: are they from MagnetStreet? lol}
Emily and Anna: Oh yes.

What 3-4 qualities are important in a husband?
Amber: Good personality. Good looking. Funny.
Emily: Funny. Handsome. Makes a good living.
Anna: Funny. Handsome. Sweet. Christian.

How do you think TV and magazines have affected your view on marriage?
Amber: I think both good and bad.
Emily: I think the TV shows I watch have usually been positive about marriage because it usually compares to real life arguments, and then how they pull through.
Anna: I guess both good and bad because they like to show what they think a “perfect” marriage should look like and that’s not always the best.

Do you ever think about the divorce rate?
Amber: No but I am pretty sure I won’t get a divorce. Well, I hope not.
Emily: I know that it is getting higher but I don’t think that my marriage will end in divorce but you never know the circumstances.
Anna: No … but I’m pretty confident I will find the right guy and not have to go through divorce.

What will your wedding dress look like?
Amber: My dress will be white and strapless with a little bit of jewels in it.
Emily: Definitely white with jewels and an expanding bottom.
Anna: As white as you can get it. Probably strapless with a pretty back. My hair will be in a side bun {smile}

What do you think the best thing about getting married will be?
Amber: Being able to get all dressed up, getting my hair and makeup done, wearing a white dress and being able to feel like Cinderella for a day *smile* And, getting to design my own wedding.
Getting to be in the dress you feel beautiful in, and being up there with the man you love.
Anna: Dressing up and being the prettiest one on your wedding day.

What do you think the best thing about being married will be?
Amber: To be able to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.
Emily: Knowing that you are going to be with your best friend for the rest of your life.
Anna: Having someone you can talk to and be there for you, forever.

What is your favorite wedding movie?
Amber: The Wedding Planner
Emily: Father of the Bride
oh so many…. the first one that comes to mind is Monster in Law but idk.

If you got married today, what would your first wedding dance be to?
Amber. Hmmm. Not sure.
Emily. Anna. their favorite song … “Forever” by Chris Brown

What do you think a perfect marriage looks like?
Amber: A couple that can work stuff out with each other. And having someone to be there for you. And, starting a family. {By the way, this is what Amber had to say about her parents: “My parents are the best example of a great marriage. They work together as a team to raise me and my sister.”
Emily: Having children and working together as a team.
Anna: To always be there for your spouse, get along with each other and be good providers for each other.

Where do want to get married?
Amber: I can’t decide if I want to get married in a church or on a beach.
Emily: I’d like to get married on a beach.
Anna: I think it would be cool to have an outdoor wedding.

What is the best age to get married?
Amber: 27. You’re out of college by then.
Emily: 28. Post college and have a career.
Anna: Mid 20s. You’re out of college by then.

Amber was incredibly sweet to share her “wedding book” with us! Amber~ you have great taste! Gorgeous dress. Love it all!

{click to enlarge}

Thanks girls. It was so fun to interview you about the future loves of your lives.  You are so awesome! xo

So how about you? Did you dream about weddings when you were a teen? Do share …


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7 thoughts on “Dreams of Getting Married

  1. Oh the memories of dreaming of that day! I remember being in third grade and asked to be in my cousins wedding. She included me in so much of the planning and shopping. It sure inspired me to dream about what my wedding would be like!

    Love the post Heidi! Truly creative!

  2. WOW – a wedding book already….hope she doesn’t show the book on her first date….too cute!!! (and how sweet) She would be a great wedding planner!

  3. Wow, it would be cool if you could interview these same girls in about 10 years to compare how their views have changed (and, if they got married or are getting married, what their updated style is for the big day). And my, how the ages to get married have changed! My mom was 18, and I’ll be 27. Really speaks to the shift in hierarchy of values these days. (School and career first, then marriage)

    Looking back I definitely had some ideas as to what I wanted but now that I’m really planning it (2 1/2 months until the big day) I’m doing virtually nothing the way I would have done it 5 or even 2 years ago. Different religious ceremony, different colors/style, songs, venue, not mention different person to wed! (Well, 2 years ago it would have been the same person, but not 5 years ago!)

  4. I love their picks for everything,especially the first dance being Forever by Chris Brown. I so wish I wasn’t already married when it came out because I would have done that.

  5. Such a sweet post! I loved reading this and WOW! Amber, I’m impressed with the wedding book. Had I done that wedding planning would have been SOOO much easier (that, or totally out of style since I didn’t get married until 39!). Love it all nonetheless.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment Merritt! I love this post too! I’ll make sure the girls see your comment! Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for dropping by! I’ve just peeked at your site and I’m a fan already. I’m following you on twitter too {@TrulyHeidi} 🙂

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