E-Session: Lisa and Johnathon

Talk about photogenic... ahem, right here! These photos are so gorgeous! And, this engagement session locale is quite special to this adorable couple too.  In fact, it is the park where Johnathon proposed to Lisa!

Sweet. Sentimental. Fun.

In Lisa's words...

"I never knew getting your photo taken could be so much fun!  Huge credit goes to our photographers, the amazing husband and wife team Brian and Erin Bell. The day of the shoot I was nervous: "did I choose the right outfit? What if it rains?" ...We met with the Bells, and I started to settle down. Then...they told us to kiss. Now I've seen plenty of engagement photos, with plenty of kissing, but somehow the thought of us kissing never occurred to me... and I'm a little, okay, a lot, shy regarding Public Displays of Affection. So I giggled, looked at my fiance (who has no problem with PDA and therefore would love a kiss), giggled some more...and went for it.

You know what? It was kind of fun being mushy in front of others and having it be totally acceptable, or encouraged, even!  The engagement shoot definitely helped us get used to the camera, and yes, to kissing in front of it, so I am VERY glad we went through with it.  Plus we now have these amazing photos to keep! Thank you so much, Brian and Erin, you do great work, and we had a great time!

Lisa and John 25

Lisa and John 7

Lisa-John 55

Lisa-John 8

Lisa and John 11

1_Lisa-John 43

Lisa-John 62

Must see more! Check out Brian's site Backlit Creative and Erin's site Erin Bell Photography here."

Thanks for sharing your awesome sauce with us Lisa and Jonathon!



fun photos!

They're a cute couple!

Beautiful! I will check out Erin's site. It's so fun to see all that you're planning and doing for the wedding in such a short time.

REALLY cute photos! Cant wait to see the wedding!

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