E-session: Nalie and Nate

Nov 20 2009

What do you get when you put a cute couple on “Gateway Trail” on a Minnesota fall day?

A Nalie and Nate engagement session that makes you smile!


Why here? Nalie said “We often walk the trail when it’s nice out and we have a little time to spend together. We’ve had many great walks and explorations on this trail. Plus I knew the trees would look beautiful on the trail with all the fall colors. My sister Hlee is a talented photographer so she was the main photographer. She had another digital camera that allowed my sister Vickie to capture some more candid angles.”


“We wanted a few images for our Save the Date, however we kept pushing the date back and back. It just happened to be a nice day and we had just about an hour where we were all free.”


“We took tons of shots. There happened to be a moment where Nate was dragging me around just being playful. It turned out great for the design for the Save the Date we ended up choosing.”


{Nate & Nalie’s Save the Dates just came} I’ll reveal next week… They. are. COOL!}

“Nate and I both hate taking pictures! Somehow when we get in front of the camera, we forget how to smile naturally. To add to that, my eyes are camera shy, they always end up closed! So it was a little nerve-racking.”


I made an effort to try and have a regular conversation with him so he’d relax because he was feeling silly posing with my sisters watching…so cute! We definitely like the idea of candid pictures versus us posing with fake smiles.”



“I’m glad we decided to have this practice session. It gave us a glimpse of what to expect on the big day where there will be many more cameras and many more people looking and trying to get us to pose!


I Will have to work on keeping my eyes open!”


so. adorable.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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