e-session: Summer and Ryan

Today's e-session comes to us by the fabuloso and incredibly energetic husband and wife team of Cathy and David Photography.  The first part of the session involves Summer and Ryan's love of all things Indiana U...  the stadium of their alma mater makes a great session locale for this sports-loving couple!  But the session doesn't end there... as nighttime befalls, urban details and ambient lighting take over and even though the sun has set, the heat has risen!

I hope you find these e-shots as cool and inspiring as I do... ENJOY!



to see ALL of the shots... head on over to Cathy and Davi'd blog for more!



THANKS SO MUCH!!! I'm sure Summer and Ryan will get a kick out of this! :-D

Oh so cute!

we're loving these photos.

Oooh, I love the stadium shot!! :) So awesome to see an e-session take place at night. I don't see that very often.

FH and I are IU alums too... how awesome. If we were closer to bloomington, we'd definitely go back there for pics... that gazebo... i had a friend propose to his girlfriend our first semester there :) Super sweet! Brings back a rush of GREAT memories!

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