Earth Day Giveaway: Free Wedding Programs

Apr 17 2012

April 22, 2012 is Earth Day and we’re celebrating *this week* with a giveaway: 200 FREE Wedding Programs to one lucky winner.

How to Enter:

In one comment:

1. What’s your favorite *green* tip?
2. What’s your favorite Wedding Program type & design? {we’d love to hear how you’d personalize: i.e. explain a tradition, wedding party bios, honor loved ones … }

Easy-Peasy Rules:

1. Comment on this post only.
2. Only one comment per person.
3. Giveaway starts now & ends midnight cst on 4/22/12.
4. One random winner picked on 4/23/12.

MagnetStreet giveaway


Good to know ... Printed on FSC Certified {Forest Stewardship Council} textured linen paper, Wedding Programs from MagnetStreet are a green paper choice. Yay!

What is Earth Day? Earth Day is the one day out of the year, that globally, we come together to celebrate our planet while building awareness and raising community commitment to its health and well being. According to, Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world where more than a billion people participate in their Earth Day campaigns.

When was the first Earth Day? 1970. Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and organized by Denis Hayes in 1970.


Learn more about how you can get involved with Earth Day in your area.

 **Congratulations DEVON–our random winner!


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47 thoughts on “Earth Day Giveaway: Free Wedding Programs

  1. My green tip is to use seed paper table cards.  This is a keepsake and a great way to show your guests you care.   My favorite Program is the The Sweetest Thing program.   It would match our flower wedding design  

  2. My favorite green tip is to use cloth grocery bags.  When you think about how many plastic grocery bags you have stuffed in your pantry, re-using cloth bags is a really easy way to help the planet!  My favorite wedding program is the flower enchantment half-fold.  I would personalize the program by making the flowers purple to match our theme.  Since we are having a Catholic wedding, we need a program with lots of space for all of the readings, songs, etc. 

  3. My favorite green tip is to use caffeinated coffee to spray on your garden plants to kill snails and slugs. Mix half coffee, half water and spray it on.
    I love the photo collection wedding programs, mostly because I like to add a photo to everything. I also like the idea of creating square programs, with a photo on the back.

  4. 1.  What’s your favorite *green* tip?

    My favorite green tip is using vinegar as a cleaning product. You can
    mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and use it as a window cleaner, floor
    cleaner, counter tops and many other household uses.

    What’s your favorite Wedding
    Program type & design? {we’d
    love to hear how you’d personalize: i.e. explain a tradition, wedding party
    bios, honor loved ones … }

    My favorite wedding program type is
    traditional. We are trying to keep our wedding very classic. I love the elegant
    and classic choices Magnet Street provides. One that sticks out to me is their Antique
    filigree programs; they are gorgeous. I also am looking forward to customizing
    our wedding program, including our loved ones who have passed away and being
    able to thank all our guests in the program.

  5. 1. Our town is banning plastic bags so I’d love to use some tote bags for the guests as Welcome Bags. They are going to need them! PS Jennifer K…love the idea of melting your baptism candles down for the unity candle…LOVE!

    2. Love the Half Fold Vision of Loves – I like incorporating a photo and it has plenty of room for the order, wedding party, thank yous and more!

  6. My favorite green tip is to turn off lights/appliances when you are not using them.  This includes turning off your AC during the day when you are at work.  This helped me to save drastically on my electricity bill each month.  I really like the effortless emblem programs.  I would change the color to eggplant and only have our last name initial in the center. Best of luck to everyone!

  7. Very cool! Another amazing give-away! My wedding will be much smaller…so programs won’t be needed. Just thought I would comment how great this is as well!

  8. 1.  My favorite green tip is to avoid bottled water.  I now have one of the aluminum canteens and I take it with me everywhere.  It saves me money because I don’t have to pay $1-$2 for every refill, and no more plastic bottles to hurt the environment… at least, not from me.

    2.  I think my favorite is the Vision of Love programs.  I’d do them in tri-fold and keep them pretty simple, just list the wedding party and thank you’s on the back.  The ceremony portion in the middle would be the most personal, but we haven’t worked out all of our details yet.  We’d probably throw in a quote or two used in the ceremony.  And of course, we’d incorporate our colors – deep reds & purples, accented with gray, gold and ivory.  My other favorite is the Wall of Love programs, which I’d do pretty much the same thing with… just can’t decide which design is my favorite.  I think I’d let my fiance pick 🙂

  9. My favorite green tip is composting!!!  Not only is a perfect way to help the environment, it also is a great way to have less garbage, thus paying for less garbage bags!!

    My favorite Wedding program design is Vision of Love square programs.  Id love to see if having a backside to the program would be an option so Id be able to include the names of my bridal party.

  10. My green wedding tip that I will be doing at my wedding is to donate to your favorite Park in your area,   We are donating $3 per person at our wedding.  

    I like your gated programs I would change all the coloring to Blue and silver because of colors. Sweet Love Program is beautiful.  I would try to put our picture somewhere and would like to include a prayer on the back for loved ones that we lost.   

  11. 1.  We will be using all orangic foods.
    2.  Half-fold wedding program (Vision of Love)
    I would make it my own by of course changing the picture and words but I would make it red and black to match our invites and the dresses. 

  12. My green tip is to turn off lights/computers/electronics when not in use! And I love the Carved in Love Autumn Half-fold programs:) 

  13. my favorite tip is using candles instead of lamps!
    I love the “on this day” program. It is so cute!

  14. My favorite green tip is skipping bottled drinks.  Also on a wedding note, I’ll be donating my dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer after the big day.  Helping a great cause, and reusing to be green.  Win-win! 
    I love all the wedding programs (and everything else) at MagnetStreet.  But I think my favorite is the tea-length version of Effortless Emblem.

  15. my favorite green thing to do is to use reusable tote bags for groceries and everyday shopping. plastic bags are usually flimsy and everyone ha a million of the things already stashed somewhere in their house. i really love the Tea-length “Love Owlways’  program. I would customize it a bit to explain more about the traditions of what we are doing since we are doing a handfastening and a hourglass ceremony which are both not really the norm in our area. also we have a smaller bridal party so we would like to give more information on why we chose thise lovely people.

  16. These are the programs we would choose they would go perfect with the simplicity we are wanting for the ceremony! and there is plenty of room with it being a tri-fold that we could list all of our wedding party, Put in a special thank you for all of our friends and family who have been helping us so much! and still have room for the actual program! I would want to find a cute poem or quote to put in the program also!

  17. And our green tip is re using things! Such as a friend who just got married is letting us use her card box and i am using a veil from my cousin. Meaning a little bit less of a waste. We are also trying to buy local (less shipping and pollution for shipping)

  18. My green tip is unplugging all electrical devices if they are not in use. Also I carry my reuseable tote while shopping. Those sure comes in handy.

    I would love the Vision of Love wedding program in the half-fold. We’re having a destination wedding so I would incorporate a picture of us on the beach. It would list our favorite poem, bridal party, a special note to our parents, and a dedication to my father who is not longer here but I’m sure he’ll be watching me in spirit walk down the aisle.

  19.  1. My Green tip is to reuse aluminum foil and plastic baggies that you wrap sandwiches and snacks in for lunch.  Also reuse different food containers as “tupperware”. 
    2. My favorite wedding program is the tea-length version of Wall of Love.  I think the design is very pretty but stays fairly simple.  I would add our weddings colors of Navy and Purple to the color scheme.  I like the this design also allows a lot of room on both sides to customize what is written.  We are having a Catholic Wedding ceremony so we may need room to explain some things to our Non-Catholic guests!  There is plenty of space on the back to list my wedding party and add a special thanks or memorial quote on the back!  

  20. My green tip is not using water bottles. They are both unsafe for the environment and our health.

     I haven’t looked through all of your options but I really like The Power of Love Tea-length programs.

  21. My green tip is to resuse all old printout at work for scratch paper and take home my recyclable items because my office does not have recycling.
    I like the Forever Yours Program. I want to use the monogram theme in my wedding.

  22. My green tip is composting and using as little waste as possible! I love the royal emblem program! 

  23. My favorite green tip is to re-use and don’t waste. There are hundreds of little things that we just toss in the trash everyday that with a little time we could fix back up and use tomorrow! Also I use a personal, filtered water bottle so that I don’t pollute the earth with hundreds of plastic water bottles. As far as the programs go, my favorite is the enchanted encounters in the tri-fold design!! I’m having a rustic, vintage style wedding and I think the simplicity of it would go great with my theme! Ways that I would like to personalize them would be to incorporate the color yellow somehow, include some of our engagement pictures of course, and somewhere I would like to include a bible scripture that is special to the both of us. Also, we have both lost loved ones that we were close to, so I would love to have some sort of a remembrance spot for them so that even though their not here with us anymore, they can still be a part of our big day.. I love that your programs are big enough to include all of that and more! The pictures were a little small on my computer, so I couldn’t tell if the background on the program was a burlap look or not, but if it is that would be PERFECT because I love that fabric and it will be a big part of our wedding decor. Best of luck to everyone!!

  24. My favorite way to be green is to recycle – it’s something easy we can all do to help protect the earth! I love the Vision of Love half-fold programs. I’d definitely include one of our engagement shots, and the color Plum, since that’s used throughout our wedding. It’s also important to us to include all of our wedding party info, as well as a memorial to the many loved ones we’ve lost who can’t be with us on that day, especially my fiance’s father.

  25. Green tip of the day would be not to waste paper by printing out things you really dont need.  My favorite program is Vision of Love Program  The gated program  I love them  I would change the color to white and out my sangira color in to it

  26. Green tip is not to flush the toilet that often.  My favorite program is  the vision of love program.  I’d love it in green!

  27.  My green tip would be to buy used and vintage! Sometimes the clothes you find are really treasures!
    My favorite program design is the garden with a twist gatefold! They are amazing and romantic! I would use deep purples and light tans!

  28. Megan

    My favorite green tip is not buying bottled water. My favorite program is the Tender Tree, half fold, and it’s perfect for our outdoor ceremony underneath the trees. We would personalize with our wedding colors (charcoal grey and peach) and then also include funny things that we have said to each other during our eight years together.

  29. My green tip is to repurpose!! Use old Berry cases as easy storage!  I love the royal emblem program! Very classy!

  30. My green tip is actually use natural sunlight to light the house instead of closing the blinds and turning the lamps on! I love the Tender Tree program! 

  31. Green tip: Using a waste-free lunch box everyday! Cuts on trash and saves money. My favorite program is the royal emblem. We plan to highlight the bridal party and those who we’ve lost and are honoring on the programs.

  32. 1. All of our bouquets are made from re-purposed fabrics.  
    2. Digging these programs 😉

  33. 1. Taking a reusable bag to the grocery store is so easy and saves so much waste!  But, if you forget and end up with a bunch of plastic bags…use them as liners in your small wastebaskets!
    2.  I love the unique design of the Tri-fold “A Sweetest Thing”.  I think it’s really special to include a small “thank you” to friends and family on the program.  This thanks the people who helped during the planning process, the people who are attending the wedding and the people who have been there throughout your entire life!

  34. 1. If you ever need to run an errand within close distance of your house and work…walk!  It’s good for your health and the environment!
    2.  I love the simplicity of “On this Day”.  Since all of my fiance and my grandparents have passed…we will honor them on our programs! 

  35. My favorite green tip is to make your own food. When you cook, you save on wasteful packaging and disposable utensils.

    I love the Tender Tree program. How lovely!

  36. I think the best green tip for weddings is to reuse and repurpose. We are doing our whole wedding in vintage/rustic chic and using a lot of found/vintage items for our decor. A lot cheaper and easier on the earth! My favorite design is the Harvest of Love Half Fold Programs. We would personalize with our wedding menu, some fun quotes, and ‘directions’ for guests like visiting the photobooth, taking a walk out on the dock, skipping rocks in the lake, etc. – I am so thankful to have the chance to win!

  37. My Green tip: I wash clothes in cold water and line dry. Using cold water rather than hot in the washer saves electricity and works just as well as hot with most clothes. Line drying not only is more environmentally friendly, but it also will keep clothes from shrinking and fading.

    My favorite program is Entwined Circles in the tea-length size. It matches the rest of my stationary. : )

  38. My favorite green tip is to plug all appliances (beverage refrigerators, microwave, tv ect) to a timed plug in. This saves a lot of energy! My fiance and I really like the antique filigree program. Happy earth day!

  39. My green tip is turn off the lights when you leave the room.

    Our favorite program so far from looking is  The Power of Love.

  40.  A green tip of mine is to use a rain barrel to collect rain water for re-use like watering indoor plants, etc. It saves you money and helps the environment.

    I love all of your different program themes. Although, the Simplistic Splendor is great!

  41. A green tip is whenever I go away on vacation, I unplug all my appliances!

    Made for eachother is a design I love. I would personalize with the bridesmaid and a groomsmen  tell a love poem or story. 

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  43. My green tip: i spray used coffee grounds on my pants so slugs and snails don’t eat the leaves!

    I like the royal emblem programs – simple, classic design!

  44. Congratulations Devon–I’ll email you this morning with the promo code for your Wedding Programs!!  🙂

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