10 Easy Holiday Centerpieces

Dec 19 2013

Need a few fast and easy centerpieces for your holiday gatherings this season? Well gather up your best hurricane vases, bowls and martini glasses … And with the following ideas + a little creativity of your own, you can DIY your holiday tables into looking festive, fresh and colorful this season!

10 Easy Décor Ideas for the Holidays

#1. Candle + Peppermint Candies in a Hurricane Vase 
Simply put a flameless pillar candle inside a large hurricane vase and surround it with green and red peppermints. Tip: find a friend to help you unwrap the candies!

easy holiday centerpiece


#2. Metallic Ornaments in a Glass Bowl/Vase
Mix and match or keep your ornaments all the same color and size. It’s up to you! Tip: use a shallow bowl for low centerpiece and easy arranging.

easy holiday centerpiece


#3. Pine Cones in an Hourglass Vase 
Take this simple idea to the next level of holiday glam by decorating the outside of the vase and dipping the tips of your pine cones in gold sparkle paint. Shown here is a pearl beaded garland.  Tip: put your largest pine cones in first.

easy holiday centerpiece


#4. Making Stemware Merry & Festive 
Turn your stemware into little works of holiday art. Fill them with candies, snowflake cutouts, glass beads, etc. Turn them over and onto miniature ornaments, candles, soaps, etc. Tip: Put a festive glass in front of each guest or make a centerpiece collage of varying heights, shapes and sizes in the table.

easy holiday centerpiece ideas

#5 Fancy Stemware {part 2}

easy holiday centerpiece ideas


#6. Bell Jar with Eucalyptus & Ornaments
Simple yet elegant. 4-5 ornaments on the bottom will help to stabilize the eucalyptus inside the jar. This easy centerpiece idea brings drama and height to the table. And stringing a cookie with bakers string adds a fun and whimsical element, too. Tip: Using ornaments in one color will keep the look elegant. Vary the ornaments and color to get the look you want.

easy holiday centerpiece


#7. Floral Beads and Clear Glass Balls
Glass balls are a wonderful item for your décor arsenal–not only do they reflect the light and colors, but they act as an anchor for whatever you plant inside them–and in this case, wire beaded flowers. So pretty in the light–looks like something right out of Narnia! Tip: Use this idea if there is natural light pouring in onto your table.

easy holiday centerpiece


#8. Textured Candle + Winter Greens + Shallow Bowl or Plate
This easy centerpiece idea brings texture and color to your table. Tip: choose your bowl or plate based on the size of your table. Bigger for bigger tables and smaller for smaller tables.

easy holiday centerpiece


#9. Orange Slices & Cinnamon Sticks
Festive and Fragrant! Cut up orange slices and add cinnamon sticks to a fun bowl. Tip: pump up the aroma with a few spruce sprigs and cloves stuck into the oranges {careful that the smell isn’t overpowering though!}.Vary the look and height by placing a candle in the middle of it all.

easy holiday centerpiece


#10. Candle in a Hurricane Surrounded by Pinecones & Winter Greens
Classic. Does it get any easier than this simple rustic décor idea? From the table to the mantle, send out warm holiday greetings with this rustic look and feel.

easy holiday decor


Do you have a favorite holiday centerpiece idea? Do share in the comments!


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