Farm Wedding: Abi & Darrell

Abi & Darrell's engagement session from yesterday was the perfect introduction to their real wedding today--a super-lovely outdoor affair. Abi made such a beautiful bride and was able to accomplish so much on their $4,000 wedding budget.

Photographer: Crystal Genes Photography of North Carolina
Ceremony: The Valentine Farm--an 1800's farmstead of friends Allyson {Bridesmaid} & Ryan {Officiant}
Reception: Perfect Settings, Columbia, PA--"The owner, Daisy Pagan was amazing. She really helped pull things together when I was ready to pull out my hair.  My bridesmaids Allyson, Kathleen and I did all the decorating there two days before the wedding."
Thank Yous: MagnetStreet Weddings
Colors: Plum with touches of pink, green, brown and gold.
Wedding Style: Vintage chic. Classic elegance. Timeless. "In other words, I didn't want it to look trendy now or dated 50 years from now. We almost didn't have an outdoor wedding because of rain. And shame on me because I didn't really have a back up plan.  It drizzled slightly about two hours before the wedding and then poured after we entered the reception."

Now for the eye candy ... Enjoy & be inspired to create your dream wedding--on whatever budget you have! Read on to discover how Abi & Darrell achieved their wedding dreams ...

Such pretty blue eyes, no?

Highlights Our first-look session with the photographer before the wedding.  I think it really calmed our nerves and the pictures are priceless. I would suggest that every couple have a first look session. We also made a point of giving my children each a special gift during the ceremony to let them know we are a family. A pocket watch for Christian and a Sapphire ring for Grace.  The looks on their faces made me so happy.

Advice I'm glad I took Don't put anything off until the last minute. Enjoy the day--even though something will go wrong, you just can't let it ruin your day.
Advice I wished I took Have a rain plan. Things could have easily gone very wrong.  I wouldn't have the wonderful pictures I do, if it had rained at ceremony time. Also, the guests would have had no idea where to go.
Best part of the whole wedding Becoming Darrell's wife.  I loved standing across from him and saying our wedding vows and sealing our union with a perfect kiss.

"Darrell built the arbor that we stood under--we designed it ourselves.  It is now sitting in our backyard slated to be redesigned into a swing set for my children. However they don't know it yet, it's a surprise."

"Yes I am holding a chicken. The chicken was one of three pet chickens and the photographer thought it would make a cool picture."

"The sailboat escort cards were hand made for the children's table.  They might have been the first reception decor that I chose.  I found a tutorial in an old Martha Stewart Weddings magazine a friend gave me.  I just loved them."

Advice you'd like to give We only spent about $4,000on this wedding. We simply couldn't afford more.  I wanted a day that was mine and that wasn't cookie cutter. So we had a long engagement, found tutorials and enlisted talented friends to help me make everything for this wedding that we could. I also entered A LOT of contests. Here is just some of what I  won: a photographer, a rehearsal dinner, a bridal bouquet, a day of wedding coordinator, a beauty service to come to me to do my wedding hair, make-up and nails and of course these wonderful thank you magnets {from MagnetStreet Weddings}!  I would say, if one of your life-long dreams is a beautiful wedding, you can do it on any budget!

wedding thank you

"Photo of Thanks" Thank You Magnet

Well said, Abi! Thanks for including us on your big day! And--for sharing all that you accomplished for your wedding. Wow, it sure pays off to enter those contests! Congratulations! We wish you & Darrell, Christian & Grace, all the best and a lifetime of love, joy and happiness!



Thanks Sara! The will you marry me sign is something that I made for our first look pictures. It was an idea that I found somewhere on the internet. Darrell didn't know about it ahead of time so he was surprised when he saw it.

Beautiful post! I really like how Darrell made the arbor then re-purposed it as a swing set for the children -- what a meaningful, unique idea!

Beautiful bride and lovely long veil. I've never photographed a wedding where the bride is wearing a long veil. It must be a more of a southern tradition. Love the gorgeous photographs.

Im actually Pennsylvania born and breed. I just absolutely LOVE the look of a cathedral length veil. A lot of brides may shy away because if the cost. Had I purchased a veil like this from a bridal store I would have paid several hundred dollars. Instead I bought the material and a hair comb from a fabric outlet and made it for around $25 with the help of my talented best friend.

so many lovely photos, the moments your photographer captured are priceless. I love the will you marry me picture- such a great idea!

This couple are so very charming. I love and been loving garden weddings where I can see nature doing its thing.

I absolutely love how timeless these images of the two of you feel, even many of the color images which is rare. Maybe even better is that she got so caught up in the moment she never checked the box yes. Congratulations! What a lovely wedding!

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