Featured Photographer: Emily Steffen

I'm happy to introduce to you the delightful Emily Steffen- the talented photographer we're currently showcasing in our Must See Photography feature. Emily's warm and natural photography style is evident in the way she uses the surroundings and her uncanny timing with natural light. I love how this couple is being drenched in radiant light as they walk toward the sun. Just stunning. And romantic too!

"My photography is simple and focuses on the genuine beauty of a wedding day. I believe that a wedding is one of the most beautiful events of a lifetime!" Emily Steffen


We paired Emily's photograph with the originally-designed Romantic Rouche Save the Date Magnet

Changing the color of the band at the bottom, Emily's photo looks lovely on this simple and elegant design! Read more about Emily, check out her photography style on a few more designs in our Must See Photography section.

 Romantic Rouche Save the Date







Gorgeous! Authentic, natural, intimate. Looks great with the stationery design!

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