Floral Headbands II

Feb 6 2009

Heather from One Love Photo sent me these fun photos after she saw the previous floral headbands post.  I LOVE IT! Are these kids adorable and spirited or what?  And, the robustness and color scheme of the girls’ headbands is fantastic.  Thanks for sharing Heather!

And, Corinna from Corinna Hoffman Photography also sent me this photo of a wedding she shot last fall.  Here, we have the Maid of Honor completely rocking a floral headband of what I think are zinnias and baby’s breath.  …just love zinnias.  Awesome! Thanks Corinna!


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3 thoughts on “Floral Headbands II

  1. I am a bit behind on the floral headbands post but I will toss my cavalier hat into the ring.

    All little girls look divine and adorable in floral headbands in my opinion. Especially with bunches of baby’s breath or white daisies which are so innocent and carefree looking.

    The secret is to make it fit into your theme. Ours is meaning behind the Claddagh (Irish ring with two hands holding a crowned heart) and what it means to us.

    Our colors are blue, purple/cobalt, and ivory which means hydrangea, orchids, forget me nots, and blue carnations will look wonderful.

    Bridesmaids can wear them too but if you don’t want them to look really childish, they can be woven in a circle around their head using either wire under hair or directly into their coif.

    Making them yourself is super easy as well; I make them every Run (faire season) for girls celebrating their bithday. I even wore one around the brim of my hat with roses and baby’s breath. They cost around $10 each and look smashing.

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