3 Floral Wedding Trends and Matching Stationery

Aug 15 2014

3 Floral Wedding Trends

Wedding flowers are ever-evolving and always on-trend! What style bride are you … classic-modern, contemporary all the way, or perhaps non-traditional? Below are 3 floral trends that you can match your style with your wedding stationery to: simple, showy, and unique.

Simple & Understated

Ideal for the modern-classic bride, a simple bouquet has a delicate elegance about it. Understated bouquets tend to be smaller and perhaps less adorned, but elegant in every sense. All white or pink are classic bouquets but the spectrum is wide.

  • delicate florals: lily of the valley, calla lily, roses
  • minimal greenery
  • sentimental bouquet charm

{Simple calla lily wedding bouquet paired with Antique Lilies Square Wedding Invitation. Browse Classic Invitations}

 Simple wedding bouquet paired with lily-themed square wedding invitation

Showy & Oversized

Large and sumptious, these bouquets are bountiful, eye-catching and perfect for the less demure modern bride. The garden style blooms feel relaxed yet theatrical at the same time. If they could talk, they’d say “look at me, aren’t I gorgeous?” And we’d answer back with a resounding “yes!”

  • mix & match garden style
  • romantic & lush
  • Showy blooms: peony, ranunculus, hydrangea
  • cascading greenery
  • twigs & fiddlehead ferns

{Showy wedding bouquet paired with Snapshot Sweetness Save the Date & Fanciful Flowers Wedding Invitation. Browse Modern Invitations}

Contemporary floral wedding invitation with matching oversized wedding bouquet

Non-traditional &Unexpected

You’re not into flowers! No problem! Your bouquet can be anything you want it to be! So fun and perfect for the non-traditional bride who loves surprises and delights in the unexpected. A vibrant bouquet of oranges … just beautiful {and perfect for a fall wedding!}.

  • non-floral alternatives: paper, fruit, felt, fabric, brooches & buttons, cotton…
  • hand tied stems

{Bouquet of oranges paired with Fall in Love Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation. Browse Unique Invitations}

Unique pocket wedding invitation with non-traditional orange wedding bouquet


What style bride are you?


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