Flutter, Fly & Swim: 3 Wedding Color Inspirations

Lilac. Marigold. Mango. Peach. When it comes to wedding color inspiration, fruits and flowers take the cake. And it’s no wonder why: Nature is one giant color wheel, spinning out a kaleidoscope of colors more vibrant, more beautiful, than any human could manufacture. Nature is teeming with life, and not just the botanical kind. If you’re craving more color inspiration from nature, think outside the bloom. Think of inspiration that flutters, flies and swims!  Below are three living color inspirations to spark your creativity – each with a corresponding color scheme from our wedding stationery palette.

1. Butterflies Instead of looking at flowers for inspiration, look at what’s fluttering around them: butterflies! Varied and vibrant, their wings are covered in colorful, microscopic scales. From the golden Monarch to the iridescent Blue Morpho, each species displays a stunning palette of colors for your wedding. An extra bonus? The wing pattern can be reproduced throughout your wedding décor. Beautiful and majestic, the Monarch provides a warm color palette of golds and yellows. For butterfly beauty, infuse your wedding stationery with Carrot and Marigold, dramatized with Black. butterfly color inspiration 2. Birds When most people think of wedding birds, they think of doves. But for exotic color inspiration, migrate your mind toward tropical birds. Flying over Asia, Central and South America, tropical birds offer a radiant wheel of colors to choose from. Find your wedding colors on the bold bill of a Toucan or in the shimmering shades of a hummingbird wing. Rare and striking, the Velvet-Purple Coronet boasts a brilliant, iridescent plumage of jewel tones. Reflect these colors in your wedding stationery using Tropic, Flamingo and Light Blue. bird color inspiration Velvet Purple Coronet. Photo by Scott Woods. 3. Fish Instead of serving fish at your wedding, let fish serve you! (Serve as your color inspiration, that is.) Spanning a staggering 139.5 million square miles, the ocean is overflowing with exotic and eccentric fish. Each species glides through the sea in a glimmering suit of scales, ranging from soft shimmering shades to bold, daring hues. Below, an exotic fish displays an energetic pattern of scales. To give your wedding stationery an elegant, yet tropical tone, try Sunbeam and Winter White, accented with a punch of Indigo. fish color inspiration Did you find color inspiration for your wedding from a living creature? Share the exotic and wild way you found your wedding colors!