Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That Shine

It's the holiday season and engagement season ... truly the best time of year! Are you looking to really dazzle your friends and family as you announce your wedding date? {Who wouldn't love something that sparkles and shines?} Whatever your story or style—our new foil save the dates will make an exquisite statement. Available in gold, silver, rose gold, or copper ... our new foil save the date cards and magnets can be completely customized to match your wedding theme. Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That Shine And the coolest thing about MagnetStreet's new custom foiling process is that you can add foil to every last bit of text and other design elements!

Raised foil stands out radiantly on all backgrounds and photos. Whether you want light and whimsical or romantic and moody—the options are endless with foil save the dates. We are so excited to show you a collection of gorgeous designs created by real customers since we launched last month. Shine on, friends! Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That ShineJenna & William: Swirl of Love Magnet with Copper Foil "We picked our save the date design simply because we could not choose just one photo ... we loved them all! All of our photos came out beautifully, but one of our favorites was an image that was taken while we were just walking and laughing in the park. Nothing was staged about that picture which made that photo so much more meaningful ... it was us just being us." Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That ShineKim & Ryan: Scripted Embrace Magnet with Rose Gold Foil "We did an engagement shoot with Lara, our photographer, at a stunning park with rose gardens and beach view in Beverly, MA. Lara captured so many amazing photos of us, but as a marketing and design professional, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted for our save the dates. It had to: 1. Be different and stand out. 2. Be a magnet. and 3. I absolutely knew i wanted it to include foil as part of the design. I loved this shot of us in black and white ... it captured such a beautiful, natural moment. I knew it would be perfect for our save the date, as long as i could add a pop of color using a foil accent. I looked everywhere for a website that would let me do a magnet WITH foil, because I was dead set on it. I found MagnetStreet and loved how easy it was to play around with options, see what each option looked like, and the fact that you offered foil that was able to be printed on a magnet. I was sold!" Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That ShineKiki & Jerry: Enchanted Day Magnet with Gold Foil "The reason I chose this save the date sample is because it exudes so much elegance and sophistication. The foil brings the template to life.  I knew it would be a perfect fit for our photo!" Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That ShineCourtney & Jared: Swirl of Love Magnet with Copper Foil "I loved that picture because it was taken at Brownstone Reserve which is where we will be getting married next summer. I remember taking that picture and a funny moment that my fiancé and I had, so I loved the laughter on our faces. Plus I thought he looked pretty handsome. I liked the save the date because he likes simple and I like things a little fancy ...  so it was a perfect way to combine those two things." Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That ShineGlennis & Eriko: Enchanting Crown Card with Silver Foil "The story behind it is that my boyfriend proposed to me in the streets of Barcelona ... it was magical! We decide to go with that particular design because the dark colors were perfect for the color of the pictures." Be Inspired By Real (Pretty) Custom Foil Save the Dates That ShineDanielle & Patrick: Simply Smitten Magnet with Silver Foil "It's actually funny why we were laughing so hard in the photo ... we live in the suburbs of Boston and really love the way the brownstones and front porches look in Charlestown, so that's where we took our photos!  We were approaching a porch that we loved and said, 'Let's sit there really quick and get a picture,' and right before we were about to pose, the owner pulled up and started unloading groceries! So we moved on and of course! We picked that picture because the thing we love the most about each other is we can make each other laugh. So we felt this really showcased us as a couple. We choose the save the date design because we wanted something soft, and romantic, and the script in the foil just gave the save the date something special. It made it become formal, but still informal ... which is what the save the date should be!"

foil save the dates samples

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