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We LOVE color at MagnetStreet Weddings. Did you know you can personalize all Save the Dates, Wedding Invites, Programs ... and really pretty much every design in any colors you want? Choosing your wedding color palette is fun, exciting and important!

We invite you to grab wedding color palette inspiration from our seasonal color trends! Based off what is trending out in the fashion and stationery world, we make sure these are up-to-date and relevant each and every season. Your dazzling day will no doubt have the most wondrous color palette ... and we're here to provide you with eye-catching ideas as you plan!

Seasonal Wedding Color Palette Inspiration from MagnetStreet

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My wedding colour theme is blue but unsure on which colour of blue I want hope you can help many thanks in advance

Hi Leanne--thanks for commenting! Blue is wonderful--so many different hues. No wonder you are having troubles choosing the right one :). Light blue (sky) is one of my favorites. Choosing a hue depends on a few factors: the season, venue colors, the mood you want to set and the formality of your wedding. Lighter shades are great for spring and summer weddings while the darker shades are fab for autumn and winter weddings. Of course navy is great any time of year! I hope you requested your free palette--it will help to see them in person! Here's a that post might also help you further narrow it down. Best of luck. Let us know how else we can help!!

Unsure of how to make the colors go without over doing it but I want all the colors because they mean something (our birthstones colors and our favorite colors) pink, green, yellow, and orange and also me and him have decided to wear white

Hi Mathia - Congrats on your recent engagement! Your palette sounds gorgeous. It strikes me as having an organic or rustic feel ... maybe even a bit boho? I would definitely search "Organic Rustic Wedding", or something similar. Also, here are a couple past blog posts that show some of your colors! <a href="" rel="nofollow">Rustic Organic Wedding </a>, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Muted Green/Blue/Gray Wedding </a>, and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Boho Style Wedding</a>. These are just a few ideas ... remember it's super easy to sub out an accent color for one in your list. (And feel free to <a href=";colors=i%3AAAABRgMDAxAJR2QPAAABRAMDAxAvHxADAAABQgMDAxAeADQAAAAAygMDAxAMLRQA%3A" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">play around with your colors</a> on our website, and look through our <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">large collection of planning resources</a>.) <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Check us out</a> on Pinterest, too :) Good luck!

Hello! I am newly engaged and am now faced with the difficulty of planning. I know what colors I would like to see in my wedding (copper, slate blue, light sage, and blush), but can't find any examples of them together anywhere. Please HELP!

Hi! We are thinking Malibu Blue and Platinum colors for our wedding but are unsure of how good they will look together. It's a spring wedding so we don't want to go too dark but we are hooked on platinum!

The colors that I'm in love with for my rustic country wedding are ivory, white, blush pink, red/burgundy, and brown.

I am looking to have a Winter wedding using the colors Navy and Silver!

This site is great for uncommon color combinations! I know what colors I want, but I can't seem to find them anywhere together, any ideas? It's an Irish themed wedding with hunter green, ivory, and like a cerulean blue. Also with different shades of green and browns/taupe. I can find loads with just the greens and browns, but the blue is important to me and it's hard to find one with all of them.

Our colors are a deep but bright purple and a Moss green. I am trying to pinpoint the exact purple and green and just can't decide

Oh pretty, Erica! Perhaps this <a href="" target="_blank">purple and green color palette</a> we featured earlier this week may help you decide. Good luck with wedding planning :)

I'm looking to have a fall wedding with purple and green. Green for Groom and Purple for bride. But I'm not sure what shades to go with.

Wedding will be in july or october.

I'm having a fall wedding need earthy rich tones of red oranges yellow maybe a deep purple or blue

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