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May 29 2012

From backyard to botanical, do you love the idea of a garden wedding? I tend to think of garden weddings as small and intimate events–with the bride and groom’s closest family and best-est friends in attendance. Although no less elegant, garden weddings tend to be less formal–perhaps being at the mercy of the elements makes them a tad unpredictable. That said, if you’re planning a garden wedding, it’s a good idea to consider some of the things that could happen with an outdoor event. Find below, 10 not-so-average tips for having a hugely successful garden wedding that take the “just in case” into consideration.

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10 tips & considerations
for having the sweetest & most-perfect garden wedding ever!

1. See that you have a Plan B
It’s the nature of any outdoor event to have a Plan B for undesirable weather. From wind to dust and rain, make sure there is some kind of shelter nearby that guests can find respite from the elements. Whether your Plan B includes a durable tent or going inside a nearby structure or home, make sure you have a Plan B in place.

2. Plan for Guests with Special Needs.
Do the best you can to accommodate your guests with special needs–from dietary to physical. You may have to construct walkways and ramps and talk with your caterer about special foods.

3. Bathroom Breaks & Accessibility
This tip seems like a given, but what a marvelous courtesy it is when bathrooms are accessible for everyone. Even if there aren’t guests with special needs, consider the accessibility and distance it will mean for your elderly guests as well as young children/parents.

4. Aisle & Grounds Safety
Take a walk down your ceremony aisle to check for uneven or too moist of ground. No tripping or stilettos stuck in the ground! Do you need to DIY a temporary aisle? It might even be fun to put out a basket full of flip-flops for your guests to don too.

5. Prepare for Pets
Will there be pets in bow-ties in attendance? Designate someone to mind, feed, walk and water your furry friends.

6. Bugs & Bees
Since every garden has them, it would be prudent to plan for them. Talk to a professional about organic pest control options but keep an icepack or two around for bee stings.

7. Hairstyles & Hair Pins
Prepare for those breezes that turn into wind. Does planning mean extra pins and spray or should you rethink your updo?

8. Sun Protection
Not only sweet, but one tremendously thoughtful touch is to have plenty of sun protection {with a variety of SPF} on hand for your guests to put on.

9. Shelter from the Sun
This tip piggy backs on #8 to give guests absolute shelter from the sun. A simple tent and chairs under a shade tree would suffice.

10. Layers of Light for the Night
Keep your guests safe and in a festive mood with different lighting systems that keep walkways lit, focal points highlighted and  ambient lighting for maintaining a romantic atmosphere.

Do you have a tip to share?

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3 thoughts on “Garden Wedding Ideas + Tips

  1. If you can get your venue/caterer to add it at little or no cost, have a station with, at minimum, cold water! Especially if you are having a summer wedding in a typically hot/humid location, nothing eases waiting in the heat for the ceremony to start like ice water, and if you can, lemonade & iced tea! My venue set up a little station with all of the above in the garden where our ceremony was and I can’t tell you how many of my guests thanked me for it!

  2.  Thanks Jackie. Cool drinks before the ceremony is very thoughtful and especially needed on those hot days. What a nice touch!!

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