Gaslamp Quarter Engagement Session: Marc & Roxanne

Jul 3 2012

Saving the date for September 30th, Marc and Roxanne had their engagement session in the Gaslamp Quarter–the historic heart of San Diego … “where all the magic began”. Even though Marc might be a “car-guy” and Roxanne a “girly-girl”, they go beautifully together–like leather and lace. Delightful and endearing, read on as our lovely bride-to-be shares their engagement story.

Enjoy …

Wedding Style: Modern, elegant-chic with a side of Bling
Wedding Colors: Eggplant with Black & Ivory Damask
Engagement Session Location: Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, CA.

Photographer: David Champagne Photography
Hair & Makeup: Kristen Brown, Developpe
Photo Booth Save the Date: MagnetStreet Weddings

About the Location
The Gaslamp Quarter signifies where all the magic first began. Marc and I first met at a Halloween event at the Gaslamp when my cousin introduced us. Months later, we met again at a bar, in the Gaslamp, called Bar Basic. In fact, in one of the photo shots that we used on our magnet (where I am against the wall with Marc and it looks as if I am whispering something in his ear) has special meaning to us. It is what we like to call “our cheek-to-cheek” moment. Bar Basic was such a vibrant atmosphere. And with all the loud music and the crowd, it was really hard to hear each other. So it led to our special “cheek-to-cheek” moment which we re-enacted …

We still reminisce and talk about it to this very day, as if we just met yesterday.

Marc and Roxanne personalized “Made for Each Other” Photo Booth Save the Date


Now,  about the truck …

Marc is a “grease monkey”. He enjoys working on cars, especially Toyota’s. Marc also enjoys drifting (like the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift). Marc is the “go-to”person when it comes to doing any type of car maintenance. Marc’s friends and family go to him if they ever need his input about cars. Marc is always seen working on his truck.



As for me, I am your typical “girly-girl”. I love bling and so we decided to bling out his wrench and add a little “feminine touch” to it by spray painting it hot pink! And of course, for my reading pleasure/wedding planning – I love to read magazines–especially if it’s a wedding magazine.


Vendor Shout Out


David Champagne was such a pleasure to work with. He is a Master at what he does; better yet he has a Doctorate in Photography

In my own words, our engagement session was therapeutic. As we all know a wedding is extremely stressful. With months to go, our engagement session with David was comfortable and he put everything at ease for Marc and I. He ensured that he captured special moments that meant a great deal to Marc and I. David definitely has a great “eye” in capturing every detail that we shared with him during our first consultation. We are so pleased to share our day with David Champagne


Marc and I loved everything about MagnetStreet. There isn’t anything to complain about. My friends and family loved our Save the Dates and had several compliments about our magnets. They all said they were so unique. From the customer care to the personalization tool, everything was a breeze for me. I loved, loved, loved my experience with MagnetStreet. I enjoyed the simplicity of the website. It was clear and concise. What you see IS what you get.

Congratulations Marc and Roxanne! We hope the rest of wedding planning is a breeze. Thanks so much for sharing your day with all of us!



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2 thoughts on “Gaslamp Quarter Engagement Session: Marc & Roxanne

  1. Love the matching red shoes….so cute 🙂 And the blinged out wrench is a fun touch. Congrats Marc and Roxanne!

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