Goodbye Google Reader …

Much to the protest of many, July 1st is the day Google Reader is going away--permanently. Are you ready for its retirement party? Have you chosen another news reader in which to discover, collect and stay updated with Truly Engaging and the rest of your favorite wedding blogs?

No worries if you're still at a loss, we've got a few ideas for you.

Google Reader Retires


2 Easy Ways to Get & Stay Updated with Truly Engaging & the Rest of Your Favorite Sites
now that Google Reader is retiring:


1. Subscribe to RSS and get Truly Engaging using another news reader:

I've switched to feedly. One click and it was a pretty seamless export of all my RSS feeds--plus, it's much prettier than Google Reader too! If you haven't made the switch yet, here are 12 free recommended news reader alternatives to check out.

2. Subscribe to RSS and get Truly Engaging by email.

I love having most of my fave sites in one location {feedly} but I also prefer to receive some sites via my inbox. You too?


Do you use RSS to get and stay updated with your favorite sites?

{By the way, if you want to hang on to all of your favorite websites and data in Reader, you can download it all through Google Takeout.}


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