Grade School Sweethearts?

May 16 2008

The GIVEAWAY is going very well.  We’re getting your stories up as soon as we can so if yours isn’t posted yet, don’t worry~ it will be!  They are so fun to read…romantic, sweet, funny.  I have to share one in particular because A~ it’s hilarious and B, it brings back memories that probably most of us can relate to.

Lindsay J. (Corinth, MS)

“My fiance’ and I met in the second grade.  I remember him and he remembers me a little bit, but one of the funniest things is that I have his picture X’d out in my annual page.  He must of made me mad.”

I find that so stinkin funny~ who doesn’t have a pile of grade school yearbooks with x’s over certain photos? I do.

How many are engaged to (or married) their grade-school sweethearts?  Do Tell…


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