Grand Debut! Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation

Like proud parents, we're extremely excited to debut the newest addition to our family of wedding invitations. You are already familiar with our Vertical Foldover Pocket Invitation type ... now allow us to introduce you to the extremely stylish

Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation A fashionable flap Reminiscent of a clutch-style purse, the Foldover Pocket style is a marriage of exquisite design & practical function. The layout is sleek & spacious--making it a perfect invitation option for destination weddings or for weddings with lots of wedding day details to share. While seamless design flows to every side, flap and fold, the sophisticated style of the diagonal pocket attractively holds your coordinating Step Cards in a layered fashion.

Foldover Pocket Invite featured with "Poppy Dots" design

Vertical Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation {our beloved & original Pocket type} Tall & dramatic Long, lean & lovely! Guests will love to discover every detail of this long and lovely Pocket style. Each fold is an unveiling of drama and design. Offering a presentation that’s both pretty and polished, your coordinating RSVP Postcard and other inserts will stay neatly tucked into the vertical V-cut pocket.

Vertical Foldover Pocket on "Signature of Love" design

What do you think of our new Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation type?  Fasten Your Pretty Pockets with Coordinating Embellishments. Pocket Wedding Invitation have never looked so pretty! Easily add a layer of elegance to your Pockets by wrapping them with a coordinating Vellum Band and adhering with a decorative Seal. Choose from a variety of adhesive Seals to complement your look and keep your invite chic and organized.