Head Table Seating Ideas

Sep 1 2011

When it comes to making head table seating arrangements for your wedding reception, you have options! From traditional seating to the romantic sweetheart table and more, there is a lot to consider before you make your final decision. Here are a few ideas …

Traditional Head Table

Will you opt for the one-sided head table that seats you and your wedding party up-front and overlooking your guests? This traditional seating option is great for keeping you all at the focal point of the room for toasting, etc. But, keep in mind that this seating arrangement also keeps your wedding party separated from their dates. It’s also a little hard to converse with those not on either side of you.

How about a sweetheart table? With the privacy allotted with this type of seating, you and your honey are sure to bask in a few private moments for intimate conversation and simply to take in the atmosphere and all that is happening around you. *Sigh* It would be amazing, romantic and a fantastic focal point for beautiful pictures! Keep in mind, your time alone together would probably be short-lived- because everyone wants to talk to you. {For those that don’t like the idea of separating yourselves from everyone else- this is a good thing!}

And, more than ever … all eyes will be on you!

Long rectangle tables with the bride and groom on the end–  fantastic for outdoor weddings, and venues with a lot of space. They are also great for integrating your wedding party with their dates and families.

Perhaps this layout provides for a more inclusive and possibly more festive atmosphere {the increased conversation} AND the bride and groom are still the focal point of the room.

What do you think?

Vast venues with lots of space.  At this exquisite and spacious venue, the rectangular tables aren’t very wide or very long- which probably makes it even easier for your guests to converse. And, lining them along the perimeter of the room, gives way to a center-stage dance floor.  Love it!

So, as you think about your head table options, consider your personal style, venue space, and the comfort of your wedding party and guests.

Pros? Cons? Which is your favorite idea?

head table reception ideas image sources

black one sided table via Le Fabuleux Events
round end via Ginger’s Decorations
sweetheart by Karen French Photography via Wildflower Linen
Long, white table  image
double sided rectangles via Brian Dorsey Studios



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6 thoughts on “Head Table Seating Ideas

  1. I love the long rectangular tables with the bride and groom on the ends. I like that it gives your wedding party the opportunity to sit and spend some time with their date and/or children, since they won’t have much time with them throughout the day. The “wedding party significant other/family” table always seems awkward when they don’t all know each other well.

  2. @myweddingideas Thanks for sharing our Head Table Seating Ideas post! What’s your favorite head table seating arrangement?

  3. I personally really like the sweetheart table. After all, it is your day so why not place all the attention on you, while letting the bridal party mingle with their guests. I see that as a simple win-win situation.

    @AmandaOleson I disagree, respectively of course. I think its a bit awkward to have a full table and I’d be shouting all over everyone. The sweetheart table makes it easier to move around and not feel like you’re glued to your seat.

  4. We agree that the long rectangular tables with the Mr. & Mrs. seated at the end provides a wonderful seating arrangement for the bridal party and guests. Perhaps the bride and groom could sit next to their parents, grandparents and close family members. The sweetheart table is such a romantic idea, too. It makes for some pretty photos and a little time together, although the couple will be dancing, mingling and enjoying the festivities that they might not be spending much time there. In the end, choose what works best for your affair. You set the tone, and let the guests enjoy the atmosphere. You don’t have to stay put and likely won’t be sitting for very long!

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