Health & Style Tips for the Groom

Jul 12 2012

Hmmm, I wonder what this bride is giggling about with her new husband … Could it be that his cheek is sooo soft?!

Guys, be inspired to pamper and pay attention to yourself in preparation for wedding day. It’s your big day too! That said, here are some practical tips to helping you look and feel great on your wedding day!


Health & Body 
Look great and feel great with a few, simple tips that will make a huge difference with your wedding day confidence.

1. A Proper Shave
Say yes to baby soft skin, and no to unsightly shaving rashes by going to the barber and pampering yourself with a professional shave.

2. A Great Haircut
If you don’t already have a stylist, get a recommendation from a friend {who btw, has a great haircut!}. And if you’re changing up your looks, give yourself 1-3 months to recover if the new do, ends up being a don’t!

3. Great-looking Hands 
Manicures rock–even for guys. This is especially true if you’re a carpenter, a mechanic or in another trade that’s tough on the digits.

4. Should You See Your MD?
See your doctor if you think you need help in controlling acne, excessive sweating, bad breath or other issue that may interfere with your confidence.

5. Get In Shape 
Exercise, eat right, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water. Repeat.


Fashion & Style
Here’s an inspiring and romantic line from one formal wear commercial …  “When all eyes are on her, she’ll be looking at you.” So true!

Sift through magazines and spend time thinking about what you like and what your vision is for your wedding day look–and then talk it over with your fiancee’ for compromise.

1. Wearing the Right Suit or Tuxedo:
Seek professional insight on getting the right look for your body type, season, wedding time of day, and wedding style. Whatever you both choose, your attire should complement your bride’s gown.

2. Details Matter:
Distinguish yourself from the others with a look that puts the spotlight on you. There are so many fun ways to add a pop of color or  personal twist to help you stand out from the other guys. A few ideas include: patterned socks, colored socks, larger boutonniere, pocket square, a different color tie or vest, and unique cufflinks to name a few easy options.


Ladies and gentlemen–what can we add to the list? Whether fashion or health, leave a comment as to what you did or how you’re prepping for the wedding day.


image courtesy: Murakami Photography
Groom resources: The Man Registry, The Art of Manliness, Staggered 


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One thought on “Health & Style Tips for the Groom

  1. It is true that nothing beats a professional shave but you can get close to this at home with a safety razor. Also a razor makes a great gift for the groomsmen.

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