How Do You Send Out Save the Date Magnets?

Submitted by cpotter on Thursday - September 24, 2020

Save the date magnets are a great way to let wedding guests know the exact date of your event before the official invitations go out. They offer an advantage over paper save the date cards because people are more likely to keep a magnet and put it somewhere that offers a frequent reminder of your event date, such as on a fridge or filing cabinet. Knowing the proper way to send out your save the date magnets ensures they get to guests quickly and safely, so you can have peace of mind that everyone has your wedding on their calendars months before the actual event.

The size of your save the date magnets

You can create a unique save the date magnet in any size, and the size you choose can affect how you send them out to guests.

  • Small wedding magnets measuring 3.5" x 4" or 4" x 5.5" fit easily into standard size envelopes.
  • Magnets measuring 5" x 7" might require a specialty mailer or large envelope.

Mailing save the date magnets through the Postal Service

Most save the date magnets are easy to mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Since the minimum size that the Postal Service accepts is 5" x 3.5", you need to make sure your envelope is at least that size or larger. Magnets often weigh more than paper, so you might need extra postage even if your magnet fits into a standard size envelope. A regular or Forever stamp might not be enough, so you need to double check the weight if you want your magnets to get where they are going.

While you can't control how Postal Service employees treat your magnet mailings as they travel across the country, you can minimize issues by bringing the envelopes directly to your post office. Dropping them into a metal post office box could result in some of your magnets getting stuck to the inside of the box and never making it into the actual postal system. Avoid this problem by handing yours directly to a real person, either a worker at your local post office or your regular mail carrier at home. If you go into the post office to mail your save the date magnets, you can also ask for the envelopes to be weighed to make sure you have the right amount of postage.

Keep in mind that non-standard envelopes, including bulky or odd-sized envelopes, might take longer than normal to make it through the postal system. While most magnets won't be an issue, an envelope containing a magnet along with information cards and other items might encounter delays. If you know that regular mail takes two to three days to reach someone in particular, give it a few extra days before worrying that your magnets got lost.

Choosing your envelopes

Size isn't the only concern when choosing envelopes for your save the date magnets. The type of envelope you choose matters as well. Because magnets tend to be thicker than paper save the date cards, they can wear away at the edges of a thinner envelope during transit, which could leave the recipient with an empty envelope and no idea when your wedding is to take place. Avoid this potential disaster by choosing envelopes made with paper of at least 80lb. thickness or stay on the safe side by slipping your magnet into a separate smaller envelope inside the larger one intended for mailing. Lined envelopes are another option.

Arranging your magnet inside the envelope

If you plan to mail your save the date magnets in dedicated envelopes, place the magnet in the envelope facing the back. This ensures that recipients are greeted with the image on the front of the magnet instead of a blank expanse of magnet material when they open the envelope flap and pull out what is inside.

Smaller magnets can be attached to blank paper cards made from thick cardstock to prevent them from slipping around in their envelopes. Cut slits into the cards or use photo corners to keep the magnets secure. Attaching a paper card to the back of the magnet also helps prevent the magnet from clinging to something metal outside the envelope. You don't want your save the date magnet to make it across the country to your cousin's home or best friend's apartment only to end up stuck to the inside of their home mailbox where they don't notice it until it's too late.

Combining your magnet with an informational card

Some couples want to give more details than just what is on the save the date magnet so guests can start planning well in advance. If you're planning a destination wedding or have a lot of guests coming in from out of town, a small card with information about flights, rental cars, and local hotels near your venue may be a good idea.

If you are pairing your magnet with an informational card, it's a good idea to keep the magnet in a separate envelope so the corners don't scratch or scuff the card and obscure essential details. Another option is to slip the magnet into a transparent plastic sleeve to keep it and the other items in the envelope protected.

Use preprinted envelopes to save you time

Ordering preprinted envelopes with your guests' addresses and your return address to use with your magnets simplifies the process quite a bit. All you have to do is toss in the magnet, seal the envelope, add appropriate postage, and stick the whole thing in the mail. There's no need to handwrite every address.

Sending save the date magnets with other items

Couples on a tight budget might want to send their save the date magnets along with regular correspondence instead of as a separate mailing. Slipping your magnets into the envelopes of annual holiday cards you regularly send out makes it easy to get them into the hands of friends and family without addressing an entirely new set of envelopes.

Knowing when and how to send save the date magnets

In general, follow the same etiquette for save the date magnets as you do for save the date cards. You should mail your save the date magnets about 6 to 8 months before the actual event. This gives guests enough time to start making plans, such as arranging flights and accommodations, without having to rush. Your save the date announcement doesn't have to match your wedding invitations, so choose an option that showcases the personalities of you and your spouse-to-be.

If you already have a wedding website, you can add the address on the magnet or on a separate card so guests can keep up-to-date on how your wedding plans are progressing. You might also want to make it clear that a more formal invitation is coming in a few months so guests don't get confused as to why they haven't received an official invitation yet.

Your save the date magnets are the first official notice to family and friends that your wedding plans have begun to fall into place. Taking care when you send them out ensures that everyone knows your wedding date and can start making their own arrangements to be there for your big day.