How to Tie a TIE

One of my favorite sites for men~ is the Art of Manliness.  It's classy and fun and full of old-school and new-school information for the manly man of any age.  For instance~ today's post...  How to tie a TIE.  You certainly don't want  floppy and unsymmetrical knots on your wedding day so this instruction will help!


So, get your tie on and check out this video tutorial {as well as written} series on:  the most popular knot~ Four in-Hand {aka Schoolboy knot} the Windsor knot...  the Half Windsor... and the Shelby knot.  There's even a snippet or two on which knot  should used based on the fabric of the tie and the formality of the event.

And, there's LOTS more where that came from~ you can also learn about old-school shaving... that's better for your face as well as the environment in  How to Shave Like Your Grandpa! A Fabulous Read!  Enjoy.



Fun site! Def sending to the bf for tips...i mean laughs!

will have to share this!!!

Very cool! Thank you for sharing!

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