Anatomy Of How To Write a Thank You Note

How To Write Your Thank You Notes

Simply defined.

Learning how to write your Thank You notes is easy once you get the hang of it. A tangible expression of gratitude, there really is no substitute for the handwritten Thank You Card. It's timeless. It's powerful. A handwritten note translates to “I am taking time for you … no matter how busy I am.” Using the simple formula below, writing out your Thank You Cards will be a snap!

How to write a Thank You Note: it's not that complicated!

Writing your Thank Yous

2 Rules: Keep it sincere. No spelling or grammar errors.

Who gets one: Everyone who sends you a gift or performs a special service. Some of the more obvious recipients include your Parents, Wedding Party, and Officiate. You might even consider writing Thank Yous to those vendors that went above and beyond for you!

When to send: As soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to send your Thank You within 2 weeks of receiving the gift and up to 1 month after the honeymoon.

What to include {3-4 simple sentences} 

  • Thank the gift-giver for sending a gift
  • Acknowledge any special effort on their part {travel, etc}
  • Mention the gift and perhaps how you will use it

Sample Thank You Note {Family/Friend}

Dear Aunt Mary,

What a blessing to see you at the wedding. We are so glad that you were able to make the trip! We also want to thank you for your generous gift and are looking forward to many wonderful homecooked meals in our new cookware.

With love,
Thomas and Josie


Sample Thank You Note {Vendor}

Dear {Vendor Name],

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding professionalism you and your staff provided on our wedding day. The {product} was excellent and the {service} top-notch! Our family and friends especially commented on how fabulous the {product} was!

Thank you again. I will gladly recommend you to all of my friends and family.

Thomas and Josie Burton

Sample Thank You Note {Even when you don't like the gift}

{It happens. Even such, you can still be appreciative of their thoughtfulness.}

Dear Marci and Joe,
Thomas and I want to thank you for coming to our wedding. It was great to have you there to celebrate with us. Thank you for the carpet steam cleaner--such a generous gift! We feel lucky to call you friends.

Thomas and Josie

Thank You Note {Did the gift arrived damaged?} 

Bummer! If possible, don't mention that it arrived damaged. First, do your best to work with the store to take care of the problem yourself.

Writing tips:

  • Use your guest list {with addresses} to keep track of "who gave what"
  • Find a comfortable nook in which to write
  • Use a high-quality pen {makes a big difference}
  • Devise a plan of writing a certain number of notes each day {i.e. 5 or 10}
  • Keep a cohesive wedding look by coordinating your Thank Yous with the rest of your wedding stationery
  • Order extras! They won't go to waste.

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