Jackson, MS E-Session: Julie & Scott

Remember Julie... she was the winner of our "Start to Finish" giveaway this Spring. Julie and Scott are now nearing their September winery-themed wedding and I'm delighted to be able to share their engagement photos with you!

These darling shots were taken in downtown Jackson, Mississippi and also just north of the capital city at a park by the Ross Barnett Reservoir by photographer, Christi Steckel of Tilly and Fran.

Bio: Scott and Julie both came to Jackson for their jobs in television news and sports. Julie, {currently} a TV news anchor and reporter and Scott {formerly} a TV sports anchor and reporter for WLBT {NBC affiliate} in Jackson, Mississippi. They met and fell in love at work and managed to keep the relationship under wraps for a good year before everyone found out.

{click images to enlarge}

Scott is originally from Flushing, Michigan and Julie from Napa, California. They're getting extremely close to their September 15, 2010 wedding at Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma, California (right next to Julie's hometown.)

I asked Julie what she was looking forward to the most on wedding day?

"There are so many things wedding. I can't wait to spend time with Scott during the wedding week and the honeymoon because right now we have completely opposite schedules. I am looking forward to dancing with my father because we are very close. I am thrilled that all the people Scott and I love will be all in one place with us. I am looking forward to seeing Scott's face when he sees me for the first time walking down the aisle to him."

Awww, thank you Julie for sharing your beautiful photos as well as your heart with all of us. I can't wait to see to your winery-themed wedding photos as well! Soon...

What's Your Favorite Picture?

Mine: outside the green doors {too adorable!!}


What a beautiful couple! I like the picture on their Save the Date the best.

Oh wow, what a beautiful couple! I love the the first black and white photo on the very top :) She has a beautiful smile :)

This is funny that I ran across these pictures. A few months ago, Julie, who I LOVE as an anchor on WLBT (that is the only station we watch), and Scott were on together one day/night (not sure). I thought at that moment, how cute they would be as a couple. I've noticed he hasn't been on lately but often wondered if they were together. It is nice to see that they are in fact getting married. I thought they would make a cute couple. I have really good senses when it comes to hapiness. I saw this one coming. ;-)

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