Jessica & Jason’s Wedding at the Winery

Oct 17 2012

With “summer romance” as their wedding theme, I’m thrilled to bring you Jessica and Jason’s beautifully captured, winery wedding. Basked in joy and sunshine, their wedding was a lovely melding of both of their styles. The ceremony had a country feel–more of Jason’s style–and the reception had a grand, city feel–more of Jessica’s style. It’s a delightful combination of natural beauty, elegance and fun. Enjoy as our gorgeous bride shares highlights from their perfect day!

Wedding Style: Summer Romance
Wedding Colors: Yellow, Lt. Grey, Pink & Orange
Ceremony: Hernder Estate Winery St. Catharines, Ontario
Reception: The Hilton Fallsview Hotel in Niagara Falls

Photography: Afterglow Images
Thank You Card: MagnetStreet Weddings

Highlights of the day
“My highlight was walking down the aisle with my dad, and the thought sinking in that I am marrying my best friend.  I am always going to be daddy’s little girl, but that day made me feel very proud of everything that we have accomplished as a couple, and what the future has in store for us. Jason liked the cocktail hour at reception which served our favourite h’oreuderves which was entertained with a harp and violin player. It was a very elegant and soothing time before the real party began.” Jessica

Our main colour was yellow – my favourite! The bridesmaids had long yellow dresses that moved in the breeze, and the men had yellow ties on (and socks) with their grey tuxedos. We went with yellow, pink, orange, and a light green for the flowers and the rest of the decor. It was completely a summer wedding and went along with our vision perfectly.

Our ceremony was outside on their brick patio along the stone wall. The weather was perfect.  The guests had fans and bubbles on their chairs to help stay cool, and we had a tent to the left of the ceremony for guests to try the wine afterwards.

Advice you’re glad you took
Do what you want on your wedding day. Do not let any family or friends’ opinions get in the way of that.

Advice you’d like to give
Have fun with planning! Your wedding goes by so fast that you don’t realize it, and before you know it it’s gone.  Make sure you incorporate everything you want and have no regrets.  This is your day.

Best part of the whole wedding day
Marrying my husband! The weather was calling for thunderstorms and rain all week, but we woke up to lots of sun with no clouds in sight.

Our reception venue had grand ceilings and lots of space to accommodate our guests. We had a dance floor in the middle of the room with guest tables surrounding, followed by our head table–that was front and centre.  Our guests received the “wow” factor once the ballroom doors were opened to begin the receiving line.

Jessica and Jason personalized Snapshot in Time Thank You Cards with their wedding colors and wedding photos!


Pro Shout Out

Afterglow Images
Kirk and Angela are incredibly talented. They were able to create our vision and more all in the story of our day. I loved how they were able to capture the innocent moments and create perfect images that represent us in so many ways. Kirk and Angela are not only our photographers, but they are now our friends.  Thank you for capturing our perfect day for us!

Lush Florals
Melanie from is incredibly detail-oriented which I love. I was able to send her pictures of what I wanted, and boom it was right there in front of me.  She was able to create our “summer romance” vision with the right choice of flowers for our decorative pieces and the tables settings. Our bouquets blew me away.  They lit up my kitchen with colour on the morning of the wedding day.  Mel was able to create a piece of artwork that we could carry with us all day long.  Our bridesmaids found it so hard to part with them! P.S. to this day my bouquet is frozen in my freezer downstairs- it is still colourful and in tact – I just can’t part ways with it yet!

Hernder Winery was quick and fabulous.  Penny was on site the entire time making sure that everything ran smoothly and timely.  It was perfect from start to finish and she was so accommodating that made it all very easy.

Jessica Noel, from the Hilton Hotel, did a fabulous job.  Not only did she listen attentively to everything we had asked for, but ensured that we ourselves would also have a great and stress-free time.  We couldn’t have asked for someone so kind and thoughtful to help us from start to finish. Not only was she professional, but I consider her as a friend now too! The rest of the staff was helpful and ‘on the ball’ with everything–making sure every guest was served and happy (and full!) too.

Gala Decor
Gala Decor did an amazing job. Christina was so easy to work with and understood our vision from the start.  She made our head table very grand and beautiful along with accenting each table with her candles.  It made a statement as soon as you walked into the main doors of the ballroom.  It was perfect.  She was professional and friendly and I would highly recommend her to any bride!

MagnetStreet Weddings

Design: I thought MagnetStreet gave me so many different styles to choose from that it made it hard to select just one.  It was helpful that each one was labelled with a different name to compare which one I liked best.  However, once I saw my choice, it was easy to go from there. I wanted something bright.  Since yellow was my main colour, it was an easy decision.  I liked having the two photos on the front with the “thank you very much” statement.  The stripes made it eye catching and the pictures pop.  It was a great combination. I also liked knowing people wouldn’t have to hesitate and question who the card was from once they saw our photos.  I found picking the photos harder than picking the design!!

Customer Care: I really enjoyed getting emails from MagnetStreet to let me know that they received my order, and made sure that their proofs were okay.  You are able to look at the whole design (from front, middle, to back) before it gets printed.  They were efficient with time and they ensure that you love your product before you order it. I made multiple changes and felt bad for saying “can you try this instead?” or “can you move the words here?”.  Thankfully they were patient and helped me make the perfect thank you cards for my family, friends, and vendors. I did not have to hesitate or question my purchase at all because MagnetStreet made me feel secured and confident about my choice.

Personalization Tool: This tool was so handy. It was so easy to work with that I was able to design and make what I wanted right away. By combining colours, and having the ability to personalize your own card with photos and writing, made it so simple.

Our Thank You Card Design
It was fun, bright, and eye appeasing.  I liked the little detail of having the photo on the inside as well, and having our address on the back.  I know some people will find that handy for future use.  It was the perfect touch to end my wedding details on a great note.  Thanks to MagnetStreet. They made it easy for me.  I got them in the mail on Tuesday, mailed them on Wednesday, and have already received compliments on them! 🙂  Wedding planning was fun, maybe I will turn it into a side career!

Congratulations Jessica and Jason! Thank you for sharing your absolutely beautiful day and all of these kind words!



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