Jonas & Zoe’s Relaxed & Playful Minnesota Wedding

Submitted by Heidi on Wednesday - December 16, 2015

Minnesota Wedding At The Romantic Woods Chapel

Wedding Style: Casual, fun, relaxed.
Wedding Colors: Turquoise | Coral | Gray | Ivory

Be prepared to smile a whole bunch. Jonas and Zoe's relaxed and playful Minnesota wedding was nothing but joy, joy, joy! We could go on and on about the darling ring bearer and adorable flower girls in tulle skirts, the irresistible color scheme of turquoise and coral, and the gorgeous rustic ceremony locale of The Woods Chapel. Joy around every corner and so much fun--through the humorous ceremony to the speeches, Cigar Bar, and dancing at the end. Enjoy as Zoe takes us through highlights from their big day and wedding in the woods.

Ceremony: The Woods Chapel Wayzata, MN | Reception: Lafayette Club Lake Minnetonka, MN
Photography: Cadence and Eli
Wedding Stationery: MagnetStreet Weddings

Fun Groom and Bride

Bridal party in coral and turquoise

What they wore...

My dress was from Project Runway designer, Leann Marshall. My shoes were bejeweled flip flops which were totally comfortable and matching our relaxed style. My sweet bridesmaids all chose their own coral dresses while my bridesmen looked dapper in boat shoes and mix-matched coral bow ties. The same went for my husband’s side except for the dress was turquoise/mint as were the bow ties.

wedding shoes

Groomsmen in gray and Grooms-woman in turquoise dress

Highlights from the day

I’d have to say the highlight was marrying my best friend! The cigar bar that I surprised Jonas with was a hit. The dance floor was hopping. Having all of our loved ones together was a definite highlight. Our wedding music (singers and musicians) were all friends and they sounded amazing.

Minnesota wedding: Bride and Groom

Wedding bouquet Coral roses and Baby's Breath

Flower girls in coral, turquoise and gray tulle skirts

fun groom in coral and turquoise bow tie

And what's a Bride & Flower Girl without a little sass?!

Sassy Bride and Flower Girl

Bride and Ring Bearer

Bride and Flower Girl

darling Flower Girls

Ring Bearer walking down the aisle

Flower Girl in turquoise tulle skirt

Beautiful bridesmaid in coral dress

Groom watching Bride walk down the aisle

The Woods Chapel

Humor in the wedding ceremony

Bride giving grandmother a rose

Rustic wedding ceremony

Bride sharing wedding vows

Grandma holding rose during wedding ceremony

Lighting of the Candle

Wedding vows exchange

ring shot on wedding invitation

Bride and Groom at The Woods Chapel

Bride and Groom MN fall wedding

Bride and Groom having fun!

Groom & Grandmother, Mother

Groom & Best Man

The Moms!

gorgeous black and whites of bride and groom

Advice you’re glad you took

I was advised to really take in every moment. I did that as much as I could. As anyone who has had a wedding knows, it can be quite a whirlwind. Really enjoying the day and the people was important to me.

Black and White wedding photo

Details. Details.

Elegant reception tables at The Lafayette Club

Goldfish in wedding centerpieces

Name cake topper

Advice you wish you’d taken

I wish I had hired a wedding planner. I did a lot of planning from Hawaii in a very short period of time. It would’ve been nice to have had extra eyes and ears on the entire event as a whole. Although, my mother and mother-in-law did their fair share of planning and helping which was a HUGE relief!

 Place Cards from MagnetStreet: Luminous Charm design suite

MagnetStreet Table Number Cards: Luminous Charm design suite

 Advice you’d like to give

Slow down. Soak in the day because it will go by so quickly. Also, plan as early as possible. Procrastinating only leads to more challenges and things not getting done. Last minute fixes are a real pain and can be a damper on the entire process.

Best Man speech

Best part of the whole wedding day

Besides marrying my best friend, I really loved the four speeches. The man of honor, best man, and both fathers were all so different and unique. I was moved by each one of them for different reasons.

wedding speeches

Wedding Speeches Cigar Bar

Wedding Reception at The Lafayette Club

Bride and Father singing

Wedding Reception fun!

Dancing at the Lafayette Club wedding reception

About Their Wedding Stationery

Jonas and Zoe personalized the Luminous Charm Invite suite to their wedding style. Zoe said, "It was relaxed and the color scheme was exactly right. I loved it so much that I still use my return labels with our new last name. I loved how there was something unique about each design for all the suite items: from the invitations to the place cards, it all had the same vibe. It was perfect."

Personalized "Luminous Charm" design suite from MagnetStreet Weddings

"I loved working with MagnetStreet. I was able to personalize designs with color and fit to make invitations, programs, and thank you cards that were really out-of-this-world. The staff was kind and helped me to get my products in time for each event."

Bride & Groom smoking cigars


Congrats Jonas and Zoe! Thanks for sharing your big day with all of us!

A message from Zoe

I just want to say how grateful I am to all who helped make this day the best day of our lives. Around 9:00 pm, my new husband told me that he had had the best day ever and that was the best gift I received all day ... thanks to all of you! I will never forget every special moment that you helped to create!

Band: Step Rockets