Laura and Ryan’s Creative Save the Date & Sweet Story

Submitted by Sarah on Thursday - April 28, 2016

From Blank Template to Artsy and Creative Save the Date

This rustic and creative Save the Date is definitely one for the books! Laura and Ryan worked with talented graphic designer (and MagnetStreet customer), Adriene Mendelsohn from Market Impressions, to create their one-of-a-kind save the date. With their gorgeous photo in hand, Adriene designed this chic creative save the date, then uploaded her design onto a blank template at MagnetStreet for the finished product.  (Read more on her online experience below!)

Laura & Ryan's Creative Save the Date from MagnetStreet

More about Laura & Ryan

And now, grab a snack and find a comfy place to relax for this little read. You have got to soak in Laura and Ryan's super sweet story. From when and how they met, to their engagement ... this is sure to make any of us believe in love-sweet-love, fate, love at first sight ... or whatever you want to call it! {I couldn't bear to edit down their story (as told by each of them), because every little piece is melt-your-heart-worthy!}

Engagement Photo for a Creative Save the Date

How they met

Laura and Ryan were students studying studying sign language interpreting at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Ryan was two years ahead of Laura in his coursework, so he often graded American Sign Language video tests of underclassmen. Every so often, he graded the video of a beautiful, mysterious big-blue-eyed girl ... and the rest is history!

Laura:  All of the girls in the major had a crush on him! It was spring of 2013, when he asked me if I wanted to hang out with him. Of course, I was super nervous and thought it was a joke! Our first date was on campus. We sat on a bench outside for hours, unsure what to talk about, but we both couldn’t stop smiling. I loved every minute of that day, but lucky for me I saw him almost everyday after that! Ever since that day, April 19, we have been inseparable!"

Ryan: On several occasions I graded the video of this big blue-eyed girl who was astoundingly beautiful. Needless to say, she always made a good grade ... and no I didn't let some things slide ... okay, maybe a couple of things here and there. I always drew a smiley face on the grading sheet, and wrote something along the lines of "Great Job!" and never expecting to actually meet her or for her to even know who I was (since I would be graduating the following semester). Fast forward a year and I'm sitting behind my laptop. I've discovered who the "girl with the big blue eyes is!" The Facebook chat box was up: "To: Laura." I had my message typed. I had read and re-read it to check for spelling errors and to make sure I didn't say something that would make me look like a complete fool. I was in over my head and I knew it. There's no way this girl would want anything to do with me.

Engagement Photo for a Creative Save the Date

"Okay Ryan, you can do this. No, I can't. Yes you can! Maybe later ...No, now! Okay." I held my breath and clicked send before my confidence waned. She responded within a minute, and I was dumbfounded. We chatted for a while, each of us asking about the other and we decided we should meet. We planned to meet April 19 on the UNCG campus since I was interpreting in the vicinity that morning. We planned to meet around lunch time, thinking my job would last around two hours. Fast forward to April 19. I'm at my assignment, I can barely focus on my responsibility there. I feel like I could vomit, and my interpreting assignment lasted only 15 minutes. So, I texted Laura to let her know and realize I'm now meeting her sooner. My nervousness increased exponentially! I walked around and found a bench in front of our student center and did some inconspicuous breathing exercises, (and no, I'm not exaggerating). It was that or have a panic attack. Also, I think it's important to mention that while sitting on the bench waiting to meet this girl, I was defecated on by a bird above. So then I had to run to the restroom and clean the literal crap off my bag and get back out there and apply to myself a calm affect. She arrived, I kept myself together. It was awkward, but we definitely had a great connection. Ever since that day, we have been inseparable."

The engagement

A couple years later, the sweet couple headed up to the mountains for  weekend getaway to celebrate Laura's college graduation. Before arriving at the cabin, they walked around and took in the views of the gorgeous Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

Laura & Ryan's Engagement Moment!

Laura: After taking in the views from Clingman’s Dome, we decided to walk on part of the Appalachian Trail, which we hope to hike in full one day. We stopped to take a picture on the trail and the next think I knew, Ryan was on his knee! Completely unexpected, and an absolutely wonderful moment.


Ryan: I have found my best friend in Laura. Someone who shares the same passions in life that I do. Someone who shares my love for the natural world and all of the life that exists within it. Someone I can be weird as hell with and who laughs at my terrible jokes. I knew before I met Laura that there was something special about her. I did not know, neither did I ever imagine, that I would be engaged to marry her two years later.

Graphic designer, Adriene: I have already listed MagnetStreet as a favorite vendor, and I will definitely use you again for future projects! The site was beautiful, clean, and easy to navigate! As I needed to see and feel the quality of the product, I was able to upload the graphic and order just one magnet as a proof. That, in and of itself, was a great feature instead of having to order in multiples right off the bat. I had a few questions along the way and used the Live Chat option, as well as the 800 number provided. I received the proof within a few days, and placed the final order to include printed envelopes, receiving them within ten days–all as promised. The future bride and groom were ecstatic with the finished product!

Save the date photos credit: Connection Photography