Letters from War

May 27 2011

The smooch seen around the world … a sailor plucks a nurse from the crowd, and plants a victory kiss on her in the street!

image by Alfred Eisenstaedt {V-J Day 1945}

In love and war.

Is it possible to imagine what it must be like as a military couple? Or harder yet, to be a military couple during a time of war. I for one, cannot imagine pressures so great and hearts so heavy. I received permission to use the following excerpts from a book entitled, An Alcove in the Heart and it contains love stories from a soldier/officer named Sidney, written to the girl he loved- Estelle. Tears welled up as I read these three excerpts – so I can only speculate as to the effect of reading the entire book.

Intense. Romantic. Courageous. Read the excerpts and be inspired by the power of love.

Sidney and Estelle

June 1942

As for the danger—well—I’m a soldier now—I recognize no dangers—I’ll be careful—It’s all a matter of luck—where the shrapnel falls etc.—’Stelle this may sound silly—but I’m going to ask you to come in on this gamble with me! Its sort of a game. If you win—one is just so much the richer—If you lose well we’re both good sports—shrug your shoulders and say better luck next time!—In order to win, though, it requires that you stick it out ’till the game’s over.—I know you don’t play games, I know I’m a bit out of character but I’m gently hinting that you wait for me—at least give me a fighting chance when I come back!

November 3, 1944

More good news … I don’t deserve it I know but I’ve received a letter from you … pardon me while I strut in self satisfied and disgustingly happy elation … You’re wonderful, marvelous, stupendous, sweet, pretty, sugary, spicey and glorious to love and I don’t think there’s another such creature in all of Gods heaven, man’s Earth, or Satan’s hell … Kiss me darling before I collapse from sheer love of you.

December 25, 1944

I love you darling—whatever happens—be happy—that’s my only request—get everything we would have liked—fill your life—(er—only keep my little niche open—so if I ever get home—I’ll know there’s one place waiting for me—my corner of the world—Let it be a small alcove in your heart—put a comfortable chair there and always keep a warm fire glowing—Because if I come home in any recognizable form I’ll head directly for that chair—That’s where I belong—that’s my home—with you–)

Can you imagine? Let’s keep our soldiers top-of-mind this weekend as they fight for our country, fight for their lives, and fight for their loves!

Special thanks to Estelle and her son David for graciously allowing us to post the image and the excerpts! Read more about Estelle and Sid’s story, and order the book, at AlcoveInTheHeart.com.



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6 thoughts on “Letters from War

  1. Wow – so amazingly sweet! Such a different time, but the words of affection are so beautiful!

  2. Unbelievable LOVE!!! I can’t imagine what they are going through but I can appreciate the dedication they have for each other and for fighting the war.

  3. I nearly teared up reading it, too! What a beautiful testament to the power of true love. I might have to go check out the book! He’s a natural writer.

  4. My Fiance is in the army, currently deployed overseas today. These letters are so beautiful and inspiring. Makes me miss him even more! But these letters remind me that no matter how far apart in distance we are, our love is forever! <3

  5. Hi Ashley- oddly enough, I just reread this post too and it still brings tears to my eyes! They are powerful words and a timeless testament to true love! Blessings to you both–and may the absence make your love grow stronger yet! xo

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