Locking in Your Love!

May 22 2012

What is your favorite symbol of everlasting love? A wedding ring? A bouquet of roses? A love letter? An engraved padlock?

My bosses were in Germany recently, and all I got were these three very cool photos of the “Love Locks” on the Hohenzollernbrucke railway and pedestrian bridge in Cologne. Are you familiar? A fairly new trend {last 10-12 years or so}, Love Locks are found mostly in Europe, in Canada and if you look closely, in the U.S. too. Been to Lovelock, Nevada or the Brooklyn Bridge lately?

What’s it all about? Forever love! This romantic movement involves couples professing their love by etching their initials onto a lock … attaching it to a bridge, post, fence or if you’re in Moscow–a tree–and then throwing away the key. Here in Cologne, couples toss their keys into the Rhine River.

Although not exactly eco-friendly, it is entirely romantic! Could you see yourself locking your love?

Love Locks" on the Hohenzollernbrucke railway and pedestrian bridge in Cologne.

Bridges are romantic all by themselves but to see all these colorful, personalized locks has got to be inspiring!

Have you been here or seen the Love Locks somewhere else?


July in Paris … Our web writer Kathryn, went on a mission recently to find a Love Locks bridge.

Here it is, and isn’t it gorgeous?!

Lovelocks bridge in Paris

Sigh …



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8 thoughts on “Locking in Your Love!

  1. How fun! It would be great to go back on a milestone anniversary and see if you could find your lock!

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  3. That hurts Heidi! All you got was three photo’s? What about the Macaron’s from Paris!!

  4. You are so right Dave– cool photos + delicious macaroons make for wonderful souvenirs!  

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