Maid of Honor Duties

Sep 27 2011

Maybe you’re wondering …

Who and What is a Maid of Honor? Unmarried, the Maid of Honor {MOH} is usually the bride’s sister or best friend. Through thick and thin, the MOH will attend to the bride–through planning and wedding day! The Matron of Honor is married.

Although each relationship is different and there are countless factors to consider for each situation, find below 14 of the top Maid of Honor duties plus 4 Bridesmaid duties.

Top 14 Maid of Honor Duties

1. Be there for her all the way through-  she chose you because she trusts you!
2. Go with the bride in search of THE dress, venue, etc.
3. Help the bride select the bridesmaid dresses.
4. Plan the wedding shower & bachelorette parties {planning, splitting the costs with the other bridesmaids}
5. Be the hostess with the mostest at all the parties, making sure everything runs smoothly.
6. Help keep the other bridesmaids organized & on time: fittings, parties, etc.
7. Spread the news- help spread the word on specific info i.e. registry info, an adults only event…
8. Help address save the date & invitation envelopes.

Wedding Day

9. Hold the bride’s bouquet & the groom’s wedding ring during the ceremony.
10. Attend to the bride’s train and veil- for perfect pictures, etc.
11. Toast the bride & groom at the reception.
12. From head to toe, help keep the bride looking beautiful on wedding day.
13. See to the safety of the gifts and wedding envelopes.
14. Be a best friend!

Top 4 Bridesmaid Duties

1. Attend parties- from engagement to rehearsal dinner.
2. Attend fittings, be on time and follow the bride’s timeline for ordering, etc. If you’ve got issues, field them through the Maid of Honor.
3. Help the Maid of Honor plan and pay for shower, bachelorette or any special parties or functions.
4. Do your best to remain cheery & gracious–even if you don’t feel like it.

Are you a Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid? What would you add to these lists?

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12 thoughts on “Maid of Honor Duties

  1. I would add that the MOH should be the one keeping track of gifts at Bridal Showers and the Gift Opening after the wedding. As my best friend’s Maid of Honor, I also found myself helping her make most of her planning decisions – helping her prioritize and determine how various things fit into her budget, as well as helping her scope out deals.

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  3. I would like to add that it is nice if they can help the photographer gather the wedding party and families for formal group portraits. They know better than the photographer who should be in the photographs. Thanks for posting.

  4. Loving your post. Great advice for the MOH! I would just add for the MOH to let the DJ know of any songs which are meaningful to the bride just to make sure we play them. Also, we had a wedding recently where the guests did a “flash mob” and all stood up at the same time and sang for the bride and groom, this can also be coordinated with the Wedding DJ and helps in making that day all the more special.

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  6. Do you know what designer these teal dresses are by? They are beautiful! I’m looking for something exactly like this for my wedding next summer.

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I don’t know the designer of these dresses–but googling short, strapless teal bridesmaid dresses will give you lots of eye candy and great ideas! Good luck. Heidi

  8. Supportive but honest. Everyone knows brides get crazier than their norm, my MOH kept me calm and grounded just by being calm and happy herself.

  9. I really don’t understand how the MOH can afford to do all the things that are required. when did it become the MOH to give ALL the showers? In my day the (groom & brides families) gave the showers and MOH gave the “friends” shower.

  10. Great question! And I agree–the MOH shouldn’t be responsible for ALL the parties! Generally speaking, the MOH would host a bridal shower and take the lead on the bachelorette party– {hopefully, with the help of both families and the other bridesmaids}. Thanks so much for your comment Concerned Mom!

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