Color Monday: Mardi Gras Inspired!

Mar 3 2014

Today’s Color Monday is a tribute to the highlight of the Carnival season–Mardi Gras!

French for “Fat Tuesday” {the Tuesday before Lent} Mardi Gras is party time. What would a Mardi-Gras inspired wedding look like? One thing is for sure … it would have Joie de Vivre written all over it. A Mardi-Gras wedding theme would celebrate its infamous color scheme of purple {symbolizing justice}, green {symbolizing faith} and gold {symbolizing power}. Our celebratory wedding in the French Quarter is sure to make a joyful noise of jazz and blues and include masks and costumery. Maybe something like this …

Mardi Gras wedding colors and inspiration

Featured Stationery: Vintage Vineyard Vertical Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation

Stationery Suite Details

Embellished with ornate design and a Fleur de lis graphic element, Vintage Vineyard is an iconic choice for a Mardi-Gras inspired wedding theme. Personalized in this color scheme, this pocket invitation suite epitomizes a bold, French-inspired Mardi Gras wedding.

See the suite personalized in these colors.

Click the palette below to view these colors in the Color Boutique–where you can:

  • save them as your own
  • browse with them
  • create wedding artwork

Mardi Gras inspired color palette


With permission to use their photography, much thanks to …

Bride & Groom Photos & Boutonniere by Heirloom Collective {via Story Board Wedding}
Fountain & Big Band by Magnolia Pair {via Snippet & Ink}





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